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Eleven hours on the phone to EE - and still no broadband

Monday, May 18th 2015 by Dean Reilly

A Cornish family who spent 11 hours on the phone to EE customer services have been without broadband in their new home for more than six weeks.

Craig Russell arranged for his broadband and phone package to be transferred to his new address on 1 April. He was informed by a customer services advisor that the switch of services wouldn’t be a problem and the process would start “at once”.

However, there were immediate problems.

The advisor, when informing Mr Russell of his “new number”, gave him his old number instead. Mr Russell was told a new number would be sent to him but, he told Cable.co.uk, "that never happened".

A BT engineer that Mr Russell was told would visit his new home arrived three days later than arranged, and told the family that their new line was ready for broadband.

Six weeks on, and the Russell family are still offline.

Mr Russell told us: “We were promised various dates by which the internet would be up and running, the most recent being 7 May [but there is] still no internet.

“My last conversation with EE took place this morning when I was told that it would be at least another week until the broadband was set up.

“So, long story short, after spending a total of 11 hours on phone calls, including waiting in a queue, being kept on hold, transferred to different departments etc, we still don't have broadband.”

'A joke'

The impact on the family has, according to Mr Russell, been huge. He said: “I have to work from home regularly so the internet is essential, if I can't get online I can't work and if I can't work, I can't earn.

“Hence me having to purchase more data for my phone or rely on places that have wi-fi, which isn't always easy when you have an eight-month-old baby to consider.”

He added that the timing of the problem has been particularly difficult, as there were items he needed to buy for his new home, online paperwork that needed to be completed and research undertaken as part of the move.

Mr Russell concluded: “They (EE) have credited me £20 to cover extra mobile phone data I've had to purchase and they have also agreed to four months' free broadband and home phone.

“But the bottom line is by the time we get the internet set up it will have taken a month and a half. What a joke.”

Cable.co.uk approached EE for a comment, but it did not provide one prior to publication.

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