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Fast broadband services 'making Brits impatient'

Monday, December 7th 2009 by Cable.co.uk

New research from TalkTalk has suggested that the increasing speed of broadband in the UK is making people generally less patient.

The speed of broadband in the UK is making many people a lot more impatient in all parts of their lives, according to a new study.

Research by broadband provider TalkTalk has revealed that Brits are so used to speed of domestic internet that over 70 per cent of people get angry when it takes over a minute for a webpage to load.

The study, commissioned to promote the company's new 24Mbps Pro package, also revealed that 51 per cent of people are now becoming less patient in the offline world.

Mark Scmid, communications director at TalkTalk, said: "The speed of the online world is making us less prepared to wait for things to happen in the offline world, causing people to reach the 'point of impatience' earlier than ever before."

Increasing speeds mean that people's patience is likely to drop even further, he added.

Previous research published by TalkTalk suggested that email could die out within the next ten years as people begin to prefer shorter messages like social media updates and text messages.

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