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Fibre optic broadband launches in and around Glasgow

Monday, June 7th 2010 by Cable.co.uk

BT has announced it is close to completing its rollout of fibre optic broadband services in the Glasgow area.

Bundle provider BT has revealed it is completing work to bring fibre optic cable broadband to the Glasgow area.

The company, which offers broadband, home phone and digital TV services, has revealed that 19,000 homes and businesses will have access to super-fast internet services once the upgrades have been completed in the next few weeks.

Bridgeton and Giffnock are the latest exchange areas to benefit from the firm's £2.5 billion investment work, which will give consumers access to speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Brendan Dick, BT director for Scotland, said the introduction of the services was "an exciting development".

He added: "Households and businesses switching to super-fast broadband will soon be experiencing the internet as they have never experienced it before."

BT recently confirmed it is set to showcase the benefits of its fibre optic broadband services across Halifax.

The company is taking a demonstration bus to the area this week.

Comments (6)

Stephen R
2nd September 2013

David, if I had 4MB broadband in Robroyston I would think I had died & gone to heaven. At best, and I do mean at very best I occasionally get up to 0.9MB, but most of the time it is no better than 0.75MB - just about acceptable for general web browsing & email but I have been here for 3 years and in that time have never been able to watch BBC iplayer or youtube

David Gartshore
28th July 2013

Some people complain that they only have 4 meg here in Robroyston I have 1.25 on a good day.

17th February 2013

Its amazing, I have been on the Giffnock exchange for as long as I can remember, but I have no access to fibre optic broadband and every time I ask the question - there are no plans for rolling out fibre optic to where I live.

I have been doing a wee bit of research and have found that there is a bit of a pecking order in as far ad the bradband rollout is concerned.

If there is existing cable in your area - you will get fibre optic, if there is no cable - no fibre optic, as there are no plans that I am aware of to increase cable or fibre optic provision in already built up areas (I.e. cities and towns who have been "switched on" but missed out areas where it was not easy to install infrastructure).

Now the controversial bit - If you live in an area where there is a high level of social housing, the Local Authority is say "trying to look as if it is forward thinking" - you stand a good chance of having fibre optic or cable because the Council will "encourage" the companies to install it. If you are an unfortunate low-life like me (pay my taxes and have a mortgage) you stand little or no chance of getting on to the bandwagon and virtually no chance of being included in any future rollout.

21st June 2012

Glasgow Western exchange was upgraded for Infinity in January 2010. After more than two years of periodically getting in touch with BT customer services and checking their online Infinity availability checker I have been told that they have no plans to upgrade the cabinets in my area. I live in a development of more than 2000 flats less than two miles from the city centre. If this is the type of area which BT deem uneconomical to upgrade, I really despair for other areas in and around Glasgow. BT are only paying lip service to meeting the needs of the digital economy with the level of investment they are currently providing. They have a virtual monopoly on the telecoms infrastructure and more pressure must be put on them from the regulators.

karen bennett
2nd April 2011

we have the worst broadband connection/coverage in the UK to the poorly maintained BT infrastructure.Our line has a max of 4.5 meg upload speed, but since the service is so unstable we get around 3 meg. Although if there is more than 1 person online then its like using the antiquated dial up services, with pages taking an age to load or not at all, then you're timed out or just booted offline altogether, but at its worst is when anyone tries to go online with the PS3 to play head to head games like FIFA, no pages load up and the online game starts to get laggy and you get booted off, losing the connection to servers. BT ought to get a move on as this is one family who think they are paying too much money for poor quality services

2nd April 2011

its taking its time its now april 2011 and its nowhere near springburn in glasgow where we have an unstable maximum of 4 meg but struggle to get 3meg in truth thats without getting kicked off

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