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First Utility adds gifts and vouchers to its ultra-cheap broadband deal line-up

Tuesday, August 15th 2017 by Dan Howdle

Not content with offering some of the cheapest broadband in the country, broadband newcomer First Utility is piling a £25 Amazon voucher onto its up to 17Mb option and a ‘Free smart home camera’ – allegedly worth £123 – onto its 38Mb and 76Mb fibre deals.

Starting today, First Utility will be adding free gifts and vouchers to its existing broadband deals.

It is offering a a which, while some distance short of the vouchers offered by BT and others, are nevertheless a surprise on a deal where you’re paying £18.99 per month – essentially line-rental only.

There is currently no information regarding how the voucher is provided, but it is normal in these kinds of offers for the customer to have to claim the voucher once their new service is installed and running.

For its a, First Utility is giving away a free smart home camera. The device can be pointed at whatever you want and you can keep an eye on it while you’re out via your phone, laptop or tablet.

First Utility suggests using it to keep an eye on – and even talk to via the two-way speaker – your kids, animals or for general home security. Still, it’s a rather odd choice for a free gift, don’t you think?

Of course, line rental is included in these prices, but another interesting point is there’s not connection fee, fibre or otherwise – something BT, for example, will still charge you around £60 for.

All deals are unlimited, and your wireless router will be provided via post. One final point is that a are on 18-month contracts. Most deals out there are 12 months – the extra six months here being how First Utility is able to keep everything so cheap.

First Utility also has an award-winning UK-based call centre, which, while not a clincher, is certainly a plus point should anything go wrong during those 18 months.

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