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First Utility has a January sale on fibre broadband deals

Tuesday, January 9th 2018 by Oprah Flash

For most of us, it’s the second week of being back at work and with payday still so far away, it’s hard to resist the discounts and offers in the January sale.

If your broadband contract is coming to an end, now is a good time to shop around and have a butcher’s at the new prices that internet service providers have to offer.

First Utility’s January sale is now on and lasts right up until 12pm on Monday 22 January.

The Super First Broadband package with download speeds up to 38Mbps has been knocked down to £27.99 a month.

This package spans an 18-month contract and has unlimited usage so you can stream and download as much as you like without running up extra charges. There is also nothing to pay upfront as the set-up fee has been dropped.

Bear in mind, this price is for new customers only and is not the cheapest fibre broadband package available on the market at the moment. However, if you already use First Utility as your energy supplier, then you will be eligible for discounts on your broadband.

Vodafone is currently offering the same download speeds for £20 a month over a 18-month contract if you sign up through Cable.co.uk. EE’s deal is now £25 a month and you get a 5GB data boost if you have a pay-monthly phone contract with EE. BT’s fibre broadband deal is slightly more expensive than First Utility’s but you do get faster download speeds up to 52Mbps, plus a £100 reward card.

Download speeds up to 38Mbps will suit most small to medium sized households who use several devices to get online at the same time. You’ll be able to stream TV shows and movies, do your online shopping and browse the net.

£5 off ultra fast broadband

Also in First Utility’s January sale is the Ultra First Broadband package. It has been dropped to £29.99 a month over a minimum term contract of 18-months. Just like the package above you’ll have unlimited usage.

You’ll have to pay for your calls as you go which can be end up being very expensive. To add evening and weekend calls it’s an extra £3 a month. With this bolt-on you can make calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers from 7pm to 7am during the week and from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday.

If you want the freedom to chat all day everyday, the First Utility’s Anytime calls bolt-on is an extra £7 a month.

Elsewhere on the market, Vodafone once again is offering the cheapest broadband deal with speeds up to 76Mbps. It’s £24 a month over an 18-month contract with no set-up fee. At £29.99 a month, Plusnet is coming in at the same price as First Utility for connection speeds up to 76Mbps. The only difference is the £10 set up fee with Plusnet.

Faster speeds up to 76Mbps are better suited to large households who will be downloading a lot of content or playing games.

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