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Fuss Free Phones launches new landline service

Monday, May 14th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Remember the good old days? Before WhatsApp and Facebook when you caught up with your friends over the phone?

Well, Fuss Free Phones is reviving those days by introducing a new landline service in which you are automatically connected to a telephonist who will greet you, and put you through to the person you’d like to speak to.

As a special offer for the launch, Fuss Free Phones is offering the first month of the service for free.

You may be a bit too young to remember the service that was once commonplace in the 19th Century, but flashforward to 2018, Fuss Free Phones, is bringing the landline feature back to make it easier for the older generation to get in touch with their loved ones.

The personal service doesn’t include swiping or commenting an emoji under a post, you simply pick up the phone, and using a list of contacts that you give them at time of set up, someone from a UK-based call centre will connect you to whoever you’d like to talk to when you say their name.

'Turn the clock back'

The service will be particularly useful for those who have trouble remembering phone numbers or live alone and struggle with modern technology.

Simon Rockman, founder of Fuss Free Phones, said: “While mobile phones have gone from being phones to computers, we want to turn the clock back to a time when phones were about talking to people.”

Fuss Free Phones is a mobile network specialising in producing mobiles and handsets tailored to the elderly and people with reduced mobility. If you decide to sign up you will keep your existing landline contract and the Fuss Free Phones service will run over the top.

Getting that sense of nostalgia? Continuing the traditional theme, the Fuss Free Phones service uses the Geemarc CL64 phone (pictured) that looks just like the landline you had back in the day with a proper handset and coiled wire.

If this news is music to your ears you can sign up online or call free on 0800 845 6600.

At this point, you’ll be sent a CL64 phone programmed to call the Fuss Free Phones telephonists, a form to fill in to give Fuss Free Phones a list of the people the you want to speak to, and a stamped address envelope to return the list.

The Fuss Free Phones landline service costs £15 a month, and the Geemarc CL64 £59, but as a special launch offer Fuss Free Phones is offering the first month free.

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