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Get 20% off a Powervault home battery with Green Energy UK's TIDE tariff

Tuesday, January 30th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Nobody likes spending money but energy bills are like taxes, you just can’t evade them. Thankfully Green Energy UK has an offer that’s kind on both your conscience and your wallet.

Those of you who have installed solar panels at home, are eligible to a 20% discount on a Powervault home battery. The Powervault is a similar concept to a powerpack and works in conjunction with solar panels to store energy so it can be used at another time.

There is no denying a Powervault battery is pretty expensive no matter which type you get. Powervault has made it pretty tricky to get the prices on its website but according to The Eco Experts, prices for a Powervault Lithium-ion G200 range from £2,550 to £4,550. With this considered, that 20% discount would come in pretty handy.

You can then make further savings by charging the battery at off-peak times when electricity rates are the cheapest, then use the energy you've accumulated during the evenings when it’s the most expensive. Green Energy UK claims you can save up to £285 each year on your electricity bills this way.

What is a TIDE tariff and how is it different?

TIDE is new to the market and was launched by Green Energy UK this time last year (January 2017). It works well for households who want to bring down the cost of their utilities and can be flexible with their usage to achieve this. When you sign up to a TIDE tariff you’ll get a free Smart Meter that makes your usage easier to get your head around.

You’ll notice the charges differ depending on the time of day that you tend to use the most electricity.

The standard rate for your electricity use during the week is 11.99p per kWh. This applies at off-peak times from 6am to 4pm and starts again at 7pm until 11pm.

In between this, when your usage is likely to be at its peak, the charges goes up to 24.99p per kWh during the High Tide. On average, 1 kWh will power a desktop computer for four hours, or allow you to cook in an electric oven for an hour.

As you can probably expect, a Low Tide period is at night between 11pm and 6am. Any energy you use at this time will be charged at the cheaper rate of 4.99p per kWh.

On weekends the low tide is also charged at 4.99p per kWh at night between 11pm and 6am. During the day when you’re likely to use more electricity if you’re at home, you’ll pay 11.99p per kWh. Gas rates stay constant at 3.59p.

This is how a TIDE tariff can work in your favour. Knowledge is power and now that you know how much you’ll be charged and at what time, you can tailor your usage to bring down the cost. For example, if you’ve got an electric car it’s cheaper if you set it to automatically charge overnight.

It may be easier to say than to do, but if you can change your habits so that 25% of your weekday electricity usage is during a Low Tide, your annual spend would be £921.94. This is compared to an annual spend of £1032.44, if 25% of your usage is during a High Tide.

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