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Get 4GB for only £9 a month with Plusnet's new SIM-only deal

Thursday, January 18th 2018 by Luke Albiges

Plusnet's latest SIM-only deal is a cracker, offering 4GB of data and plenty of texts and minutes for just £9 a month.

If you've already got a phone you're happy with – or are looking for a cheap SIM deal for a tablet or other device – this is a darn good deal.

The full package includes a generous 4GB of data, as well as 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts per month. Good luck getting through all that – unless you spend all day every day on the blower or communicate exclusively via SMS, that might as well be unlimited.

4GB is a perfect sweet spot in most cases, enough to keep even the most active online socialite in tweets, selfies and status updates with more than enough left over for some streaming, app downloads and even a spot of gaming, if you fancy it. Commuters who regularly stream content using mobile data may need more, but the prevalence of free WiFi everywhere from cafes to public transport means as with the included calls and texts, most users will probably find 4GB to be just fine.

Better yet, you're not locked into a lengthy contract. It's a rolling 30-day offer instead, meaning you can pull the plug at any time with just 30 days' notice and move onto something else if you so wish.

Push it to the limit

Plusnet also provides a SmartCap service with this SIM, allowing you to limit how much you can spend beyond the plan's included services. It makes for good peace of mind for those worried that they might breach the 4GB data cap (or the thousands of calls or texts, heaven forbid), especially if you're using the SIM for a younger family member who can't be trusted to remember to turn wi-fi on when falling down the YouTube rabbit hole. Or indeed if you're worried about suffering the same fate yourself... we've all been there.

This offer only runs until 30 January, so get involved soon if you fancy taking advantage of the special price. Competitors offering similar packages are mostly a little more costly or tied to 12-month contracts, so this is clearly a fantastic SIM-only deal with enough inclusive data, calls and texts for most normal users, and probably many abnormal ones as well.

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