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Free £50 John Lewis voucher when you switch to renewable electricity from Good Energy

Wednesday, February 7th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Getting free stuff is always good, but what if you could get free stuff for doing something that will cut your carbon footprint, help the environment and make you feel good all at the same time?

Good Energy is offering a free £50 John Lewis voucher to anyone switching to its energy tariffs and quoting the code ‘GU22CA’.

A £50 voucher might be all the incentive you need to switch, but there is another reason to consider Good Energy – the provider buys 100% renewable electricity from more than 1,400 independent generators around the UK, as well as producing a mix of solar, wind, hydro and biogen energy itself.

It also gets 6% of its green gas from biomethane – gas produced from organic matter.

The company reckons that by switching to Good Energy, you could cut your carbon footprint by up to 50% and will be helping to make the UK less reliant on fossil fuels imported from abroad. That would feel pretty good, right?

It’s important to point out that the actual electricity going into your house won’t change, as it comes from the National Grid. What happens is that Good Energy will buy enough electricity from renewable sources to match the amount you use in a year.

Tree planting

Good Energy estimates, based on the average annual usage for a consumer with medium energy use, that its renewable electricity and green gas tariff will cost £104.02 a month, or £1,248.24 over a year.

Based on similar estimates, its electricity-only tariff is £51.65 a month, or £619.80 a year.

It may not be one of the big six, but Good Energy has been running for nearly 20 years and has more than 200,000 customers. Its green gas offering is a relatively new one, having been launched in 2016, and it has put together an electric vehicle tariff even more recently.

This is designed to make charging an electric car more affordable and Good Energy claims you can save £76 a year compared to the big six.

Good Energy isn’t the only company offering green energy of course. And talking of the big six, npower is currently offering to plant a tree for each fuel you get from the company (one for gas and one for electricity).

Its doing so through the tree-planting charity Trees for Cities, which wants to improve people’s health and happiness by planting trees in deprived urban areas. So there’s plenty to feel good about here, too.

Npower’s ‘Go Green Energy Fix’ promises to freeze your prices until 31 December 2019 as well as match 100% of the electricity you use and 15% of the gas with energy from renewable sources.

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