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Get a free Amazon Echo or money off your bill in Virgin Media Flash Sale

Tuesday, February 27th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Virgin Media knows the way to our hearts is through giving us free stuff and that’s exactly what it has done with its Flash Sale.

If you sign up to the Player bundle before midnight on Thursday 1 March, you get to choose between a free Amazon Echo Dot or £50 credit off your bill. Alternatively, there’s is a bigger prize up for grabs if you sign up to one of the Mix, Full House, Full House Movies, Full House Sports, Full House Sports and Movies and VIP bundles as you get an Amazon Echo or £90 credit off your bill.

The Player Bundle gives you Virgin’s basic broadband and TV all in one package. You get Player TV with more that 70 channels, VIVID 50 fibre broadband with download speeds up to 50Mbps and Talk Weekends.

This will cost you £30 a month with an upfront fee of £20 to cover the activation of your service. After the first year the monthly cost goes up to £48 a month.

With your TV V6 box that comes with the package you’ll be able to watch Netflix, as long as you have a subscription. To add premium channels such as Sky Cinema it’s an extra £21 a month.

If you choose this package you’ll be entered in to a 12-month minimum term contract.

Free Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

The Amazon smart speaker lets you play music, check the news and send texts all with a simple command to Alexa, the built-in personal assistant.

The smaller Amazon Echo Dot that comes with the Player Bundle retails at £49.99 and comes with one year warranty. The main difference between this and the bigger Amazon Echo is the dual-speakers powered by Dolby. This would cost you £89.99 if you were to buy it straight from Amazon.

If you’re not bothered about the tech and just want the credit instead, you’ll notice it will be taken off your first month’s bill. Any balance left over will be added to subsequent bills until the credit is used up.

The Mix bundle gives you almost double the amount of channels and faster broadband for £45 a month. Mix TV comes with access to more than 150 channels including Sky One and Cartoon Network. The package also include VIVID 100 fibre broadband with connection speeds up to 100Mbps and Talk Weekends. There’s a one-off £20 set-up cost then the price goes up to £55 a month after the first 12 months.

The Full House bundle at £55 a month comes with all the BT sport channels in HD as well as entertainment channels like Nat Geo Wild and the Disney channels.

As you probably predict the most expensive package of the bunch is the VIP bundle. For £88 a month over a 12-month contract and £20 upfront, you get Full House TV, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports VIVID 300 fibre broadband (up to 300Mbps) and Talk More Anytime. While it’s a great package it is pretty pricey so the £90 credit off your first bill will come in handy here.

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