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Get a free Google Home with John Lewis Broadband deal

Thursday, February 1st 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

The January sales have been and gone, but the good folk at John Lewis Broadband have come up with a broadband deal to brighten even the darkest February day.

For a limited time, anyone signing up to a broadband contract with the high street giant will bag themselves a free Google Home.

That’s £129 worth of smart speaker that you’ll get for nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada. But you’ll have to sign up by 27 February to get the freebie, so don’t procrastinate over this one for too long.

Once set up, the Google Home will let you control smart home devices with your voice, deliver news and reminders when you want it to and can even link up with a Chromecast streaming stick if you have one, so you can ask it to stream Netflix on your telly or Spotify through your speakers.

But let’s not forget – it’s not just a Google Home you’re getting here, it’s also a broadband package. So we’d better take a look at that, too.

John Lewis Broadband is provided by Plusnet, which consistently wins awards for its great customer service. And Plusnet is owned by BT, the biggest broadband provider in the UK. Considering John Lewis’ own reputation as one of the country’s most trusted brands, we reckon you’ll be in pretty safe hands.

So how much does it cost, this broadband? Well, £22.50 a month gets you speeds up to 17Mbps. Although most people on a 17Mbps package (from any provider) don’t actually hit that target very often, they do get enough to do the basics – online shopping, emails and even a bit of streaming.

Fibre broadband from £32.50 a month

You may find, or may already know, that standard broadband isn’t enough for you, in which case you might be better off with a fibre deal. Like the majority of providers, John Lewis Broadband has two choices for you here – speeds up to 38Mbps for £32.50 a month or speeds up to 76Mbps for £36.50 a month.

All three packages offer unlimited usage, so you won’t reach a data limit no matter how much streaming or downloading you do, and come on a 12-month contract with no upfront fees.

After 12 months, the price of standard broadband will go up to £26.50 a month, 38Mbps fibre will cost £38 a month and 76Mbps fibre will be £43 a month. That would probably be a good time to come back to Cable.co.uk and think about switching again.

Staying in the here and now, John Lewis says your free Google Home will be delivered within 30 days of your broadband being activated.

Looking at the price of its broadband packages, they do tend to be a few quid dearer than the cheapest on the market but the free Google Home may just be enough to tempt you anyway.

If it’s simply the cheapest possible broadband deal you’re after, we have to point you in the direction of Sky, as you can currently get unlimited broadband for £18 a month plus a £9.95 set-up fee. Factor in the £50 cashback Sky’s giving away and you’ve got yourself a hell of a cheap deal.

For fibre, it has to be Vodafone, which is still giving away fibre broadband with speeds up to 38Mbps for a dirt-cheap £20 a month on an 18-month contract.

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