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Get a free Nest thermostat when you switch to ENGIE Control dual fuel energy deal

Wednesday, January 31st 2018 by Marc Shoffman

A new entrant to the energy market is aiming to turn up the heat when it comes to competition with a tariff that comes with its own Nest Learning Thermostat.

ENGIE, a French energy supplier that entered the UK shores last year, is offering customers a free smart energy device from Nest.

All you have to do is sign up to its ENGIE Control dual fuel fixed tariff.

This tariff locks in the rate at which your energy bill is calculated until 30 April 2020, giving you more than two years of certainty and protection from fuel price hikes.

The deal also provides 100% renewable electricity from ENGIE’s own portfolio of wind farms, meaning you can feel confident that you are keeping your carbon footprint down.

Along with all this, customers on this tariff will get a free Nest Learning Thermostat.

This device controls your heating and hot water and will work out when to turn it on and off and the best settings based on your usage. You can also control it from outside the home from the Nest app, so you can turn the heating off or down if you are likely to be back later than usual.

Save money on your bills

You should also save money on your bills using this device as it will more accurately track when and how much hot water and heating you use rather than the forecasts you would initially provide your supplier when setting up a deal.

It will also give you tips on how to save energy which should push down your bills further if followed.

The Nest Learning Thermostat would typically cost £279 with installation or £219 without, but ENGIE will provide this for free. It will even install it for free through its installation partner Valley Heating Services, all you need to do is pay the energy bills.

Based on the average household usage of 12,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) for gas and 3,100kWh for electricity, the ENGIE Control tariff would cost £85.50 a month or £1,026,02 a year.

It would cost you £160, or £80 per fuel, if you wanted to leave this deal early. It will lock-in your rate until the end of April 2020.

This means the way your bill is worked out won’t change but your monthly direct debit may do if your usage increases or decreases.

A fixed rate tariff is a good way to avoid price hikes but you also need to consider what tariffs will be like when it comes to the end of your deal in 2020 and whether the market could be more or less expensive.

This deal does rank highly among the best buys, especially as you are getting a smart energy device in the package which should also save you money.

There are other providers offering cheaper headline prices for slightly shorter deals based on the average household usage.

Outfox the Market, which also provides 100% renewable electricity, currently offers an 18-month fixed rate tariff for £66.40 a month or £796.89 a year.

Alternatively, you could fix for just 12 months with OneSelect. This would cost £66.79 a month or £801.49 a year.

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