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Get a OnePlus 5T with four times the data on selected O2 tariffs

Wednesday, February 14th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Fed up with Apple or Samsung devices? O2 is offering a very attractive alternative with the latest OnePlus device, the 5T, accompanied by four times the typical amount of data on selected monthly tariffs up until 21 March.

This is on offer on a 64GB and 128GB handset.

If you pay £9.99 upfront, you can get 4GB for the price of 1GB for £38 a month or 12GB for the price of 3GB for £41 a month on the 64GB version.

Both these deals come with unlimited minutes and texts as well as free O2 wi-fi on the move and access to O2 Rewards offers.

You can cut down the monthly cost by paying £79.99 upfront. This will reduce the monthly price on the 4GB deal to £35 and the 12GB offer will be cut to £38.

Those wanting more space on the 128GB device would need to pay £41 a month for the 4GB offer and £9.99 upfront, or you could pay £37 a month by paying £89.99 initially.

If you want the 128GB of space with 12GB of data, the monthly cost will be £44 with £9.99 upfront or £40 if you shell out £89.99 at first.

There are also bigger data deals. You can get 20GB on the 64GB version for £9.99 a month and £45 upfront, or £42 a month by paying £79.99 initially.

There is also a 40GB version at £45 a month and £9.99 upfront, or if you pay £78.99 upfront the monthly price falls to £46.

If you want the 128GB handset, the 20GB tariff would cost you £48 a month with £9.99 upfront or £44 with £89.99 upfront.

A 40GB deal would cost £52 a month with £9.99 upfront or £89.99 upfront with £48 on a monthly basis.

The handset is also available on pay-as-you-go for £499 but you will need to buy bundles for your data, minutes and texts, starting at £10 for 2GB.

You can also just buy the handset direct from OnePlus for the same price and use any SIM inside.

Who are OnePlus?

OnePlus is the ultimate anti-Apple or Samsung handset. It is made by a Chinese manufacturer and keeps costs down by limiting its distribution to certain countries and operates solely through its own website or with O2. It uses the Android operating system, so is technically similar to a Samsung but has its own respected identity.

The 5T is renowned for its high storage space, strong battery and a dash charge that will power up your phone to full battery in 30 minutes.

It also has a 16-megapixel cameras at the front and back and facial recognition. It measures up at 6.01 inches and has a speedy 8GB RAM.

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