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Get an iPhone for £18 a month with Three

Monday, February 5th 2018 by Emma Woollacott

The iPhone X may be the world's most desirable phone right now, but few of us can afford the eye-watering price tag.

So what do you do if you simply can't live without a device carrying the iconic Apple logo?

Well, the good news is that for those with champagne tastes but a beer budget, Three has some good deals on the iPhone right now. You may not be getting the latest model - but for plenty of people that's no big deal at all.

The cheapest deal currently available at Three is for the iPhone SE, which comes with 32 GB of storage. The phone has a four-inch Retina display, an A9 chip with 64-bit architecture and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, along with a 12MP iSight camera, a FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash.

And it's available on a 24-month plan for just £18 a month, with £19 to pay upfront. That price includes a £5 discount for paying by direct debit or the like. There's unlimited texts and 300 minutes included; however, the downside is that you'll get just 500MB of data - not really enough to do more than pose.

Up the monthly cost to £27, and you'll get 4GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts, while 12GB will set you back £31 a month. For £39 a month, you'll get a whacking 100GB - more than enough for anybody, we'd say.

Cheap iPhone deals

These prices compare well with the competition - O2 wants £25 a month for a 500MB package, for example, with Vodafone charging £24 a month with a £29 up-front fee. EE, meanwhile, charges £25.49 plus £29.99 set up.

Virgin Media presents a more competitive plan, at £19 a month for 1.2GB, with no up front fee. And if you want more data, it has an excellent deal, with double-data of 40GB for the discount price of £28 a month. You'll get 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts, and there's no up-front fee.

And if you want something a bit fancier than the SE, you may again be able to do a bit better than Three's deals. It's charging £36 a month for a 1GB tariff on the iPhone 7 with a £79 up-front charge, for example.

Over at BT Mobile, meanwhile, you'll pay £35 a month plus a £50 up front fee, and you'll get a rather more respectable 6GB of data to play with.

Right at the top of the iPhone range, Three's deals on the iPhone X start at £57 a month plus a £99 fee for a two-year package with 1GB of data.

Carphone Warehouse has a cheaper package, at £56 a month for a very respectable 10GB of data - although there's a £199 up-front charge. Factor in the extra £100 over the two-year contract, and you're paying £4 a month more for the extra 9GB of data compared with the deal from Three.

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