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Broadband for the equivalent of £17.50 a month when you pay up front with Origin

Tuesday, February 13th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

It is already cheaper if you pay for items such as car or home insurance upfront rather than monthly, but could you save money by shelling out for your broadband a whole year ahead?

Origin Broadband, a young provider born in Yorkshire in 2011, is offering users cheaper broadband if they are willing to pay upfront.

In fact, you could pay some of the cheapest rates on the market for your internet if you pay in advance using Origin, in what it calls Supersaver contracts.

You may not have heard of Origin, but it has won plenty of awards for its customer service and 24/7 support.

Its Origin Broadband offers speeds of up to 17Mbps and upload speeds of 2Mbps with unlimited usage and free line rental on a 12-month contract for £20 a month.

But there is also an option to pay £210 in advance for 12 months, saving you more than £140 and working out as just £17.50 a month for broadband.

Origin also offers speeds of up to 38Mbps on Fibre broadband with upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. There is also unlimited data and free line rental but on a longer 18-month contract. This would typically cost £25.99 a month, but you can get it more than £150 cheaper by paying £424.99 upfront. This works out at £23.61 a month.

Faster download speeds

Faster download speeds of up to 76Mbps and up to 19Mbps for uploads would cost £29.99 a month. This also gives you unlimited data and line rental, but you could save more than £180 by paying £499.99 upfront. This is the equivalent of paying £27.77 a month.

There are no setup fees.

Obviously, this depends on you having the spare cash to layout a year ahead, but it does make for cheap broadband, especially at the 17Mbps level.

The cheapest basic broadband on the market currently comes from DirectSave Telecom, costing £17.95 a month for speeds of up to 17Mbps and unlimited usage. You would pay less than this by going upfront with Origin.

For speeds of up to 38Mbps, Vodafone charges £20 a month over 18 months with unlimited usage, which is slightly cheaper than Origin’s equivalent deal and would cost £360 in total.

Vodafone also offers up to 76Mbps for £24 a month, which is also a few pounds cheaper than Origin on the same speeds. You would pay £432 over the deal term.

If you wanted something in the middle, BT offers Fibre Unlimited Broadband with speeds of up to 52Mbps for £29.99 a month with a £9.99 set up cost on an 18-month contract. But it will also give you a £95 BT Reward Card. That takes the total deal cost to £454.81.

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