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You can now get cheap 17Mbps broadband for £17.95 with Direct Save

Wednesday, November 8th 2017 by Oprah Flash

Direct Save is currently offering one of the cheapest basic broadband packages on the market.

The Broadband Unlimited deal costs £17.95 a month with free setup and gives you download speeds up to 17Mbps.

With just 46 sleeps 'til Christmas, now is the time to make savings wherever you can by reviewing the value of your broadband package and whether you can switch to save money.

Up to 17Mbps is more than enough to binge-watch Stranger Things on Netflix, update Instagram with pictures of your dinner and shop online.

Direct Save’s Broadband Unlimited contract lasts 12 months and you’ll pay £17.95 a month, which equates to a total of £215.40 over the course of the first year. In comparison to £249.95 (£20 a month) with Sky’s Unlimited Broadband and £343.87 (£26.99 a month) with BT’s Unlimited Broadband you’ll make quite a saving.

For the same deal but with the freedom of not being tied into a contract you’ll pay £29.95 a month through Direct Save and you’ll have to pay an upfront sum of £24.95 to cover the cost of setup.

As with anything you get what you pay for. In this case you get 17Mbps broadband with a budget-range router. The hardware will do as it says on the tin but if you’re used to the flashy, more expensive Smart Hub that BT offers, you may be disappointed.

A hang-up of the deal is that it doesn’t include inclusive calls. You can make calls but on a pay as you go basis. A standard call to a UK landline will cost 10.25p a minute and calls to mobiles are 15p a minute. To increase the package to include free evening and weekend UK calls it’s an extra £2.95 a month.

As an added perk to entice customers, Direct Save is giving away membership of its own discount club when you sign up to one of its phone or broadband deals. The membership allows you to buy from a range of retailers including Apple, River Island and Sainsbury’s at a discounted rate.

Black Friday is coming

At the time of writing, Direct Save is the cheapest provider offering 17Mbps but watch this space, with Black Friday just around the corner other deals and offers will soon be available from other providers.

Direct Save also offers a Fibre Broadband plan with download speeds up to 38Mbps for £31.50. This will allow you to carry out all your favourite online activities just a bit faster. There is a setup fee for this package of £33.90.

If there are more than five of you in your household or you use the internet for more extensive activities like gaming or downloading large files you may be interested in Direct Save’s Superfast Fibre Broadband with speeds up to 76Mbps. It costs £38.70 a month with a £33.90 activation fee.

If you only need 17Mbps but perhaps feel comfortable with a more well known provider TalkTalk, BT and Sky also have some basic packages available.

TalkTalk’s Fast Broadband plan has download speeds up to 17Mbps for £19.95 a month. Just like Direct Save this is on a 12-month contract with no setup fee.

Sky’s Unlimited Broadband is £20 a month and includes a free £50 prepaid mastercard if you sign up before Thursday 16th November. There’s a £9.95 setup cost and the deal spans a 12-month contract.

BT’s offering is £26.99, the most expensive of the deals mentioned here. When signing up to this deal you’ll be entered into an 18-month contract and will pay £19.99 upfront. Unlike the others this package does include weekend calls but to add inclusive anytime calls it’s an extra £6.99 a month.

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