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You can get the Samsung Galaxy S8 for £23 a month this Black Friday weekend

Friday, November 24th 2017 by Oprah Flash

It’s finally here, Black Friday is in full swing and we can imagine you’ve been glued to your screen since the crack of dawn, eagerly searching for the best deals.

Android Army we’ve got your back. You have probably noticed that the main focus for mobile providers this year is the iPhone with deals for earlier versions of Apple’s handsets popping up everywhere. However there are some good deals for the Samsung Galaxy S8 lurking behind all the sales jargon.

Outright you’ll pay anything between £569 and to £689 for a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. If you’ve got this amount stashed away then no problem you can buy the phone and get quite a good SIM-only deal.

Otherwise a pay-monthly contract is the route to take this Black Friday.

There’s two providers - Vodafone and Virgin Media - vying for the top spot in the running for best Black Friday deal for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The one you choose depends on which aspect of a phone contract is most important to you.

If you just want to get your hands on the phone for a relatively cheap price each month, but you are not fussed about the length of the contract or amount of data, then Virgin Media is the option for you.

To get more bang for your buck this Black Friday, Vodafone is a real contender for top spot. It offers more data over a shorter contract than Virgin Media but the downside is you’ll have to cough up some money upfront.

Until the recent release of the iPhone 8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the main competitor to the iPhone 7.

It boasts 64GB of internal storage and a 12MP camera. With an iris scanner and Bixby, Samsung’s version of Siri, you have quite an impressive piece of tech in your hands.

As a sensible shopper you don’t have to take our word for it so we have done some of the research for you and listed some of the other Black Friday deals available.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has Iris Scanner technology for added security

The S8 is £23 on Virgin Media and £27 on Vodafone

Virgin Media offers 36-month contracts so you will usually end up paying less each month just over a longer period of time. This year it is knocking £108 off the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 for Black Friday.

With 1.2GB of data, unlimited texts and 300 minutes you’ll pay £23 a month on a three-year minimum term contract. Usually we would scoff at the 1.2GB data allowance but Virgin Media allows you to use WhatsApp, Messenger and Twitter without dipping into your data plan so 1.2GB could just be enough to get you by.

If 36 months sounds too long for you to be tied into a contract you could get the Samsung Galaxy S8 through Virgin Media on a 24-month plan. This costs £34 a month for the same allowance mentioned above and is still cheaper than what many of the other providers are offering.

If you’re looking for a more data heavy package Virgin Media is your friend here. You can get 40GB of data with 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts for £32 a month over a 36-month contract.

With these deals there is nothing to pay upfront.

Vodafone is offering a 6GB data allowance with unlimited texts and calls for £27 a month on a two-year contract. You’ll have to pay £29 upfront but the deal still offers three times more data than other providers for this price. This deal is now available and you’ll have until Cyber Monday (27 November) to get your hands on it.

Half price for six months on BT Mobile

BT’s Black Friday offer for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a tad deceptive. On the face of it is sounds great. You get 6GB of data, unlimited calls and texts plus a £60 reward card and access to the BT Sport app all for £23.50 a month with an extra £20 upfront.

However there’s a catch. You pay the £23.50 for the first 6 months then for the remaining year and a half of the contract, the price goes up to £47 a month. Overall you’ll end up paying £987 across your 24-month contract which is almost £200 more than Vodafone’s offer.

A £60 saving and no upfront cost on Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is offering a saving of £60 on the Samsung Galaxy S8 for Black Friday.

On its cheapest 2GB data tariff you’ll pay £33.75 a month spread out across a 30-month contract. Included in this you’ll get 1,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

The 2GB tariff is not a lot of data in all honesty but will be just enough for you to check your messages when you’re out and about and you’ll be able to save some of it by connecting to wi-fi whenever you can.

For 6GB, which is the same as what Vodafone is offering you’ll pay £40.75 and will also get 5,000 minutes and texts.

Tesco Mobile isn’t charging any upfront costs for this handset.

EE drops £199 upfront fee

EE has dropped the £199 upfront cost of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in aid of the Black Friday sale and now charges £35.49 a month, which gives you 500MB of data over a 24 month contract.

This is part of EE’s Essential plan which also includes 500 minutes and unlimited texts. Three month access to the BT Sport app has also been thrown in.

While the BT Sport app is enticing the 500MB is measly and may not allow you to use the phone to its full potential.

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