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Get two months' free heating cover with SSE deal

Tuesday, February 13th 2018 by Mike Whitehead

As the UK currently braces itself for another cold snap this week, SSE, one of the big six energy companies, is making a well-timed offer to keep us warm.

Despite January officially having 31 days and February 28, it’s fair to say they can feel as though they last much longer with the repetitious cold, dark mornings, leaving yourself an extra 10 minutes to get the car defrosted before the long march down the motorway to work or busy minor roads on the school run.

The one benefit is that the winter months after Christmas bring your energy bills front of mind as you begin to appreciate what all those monthly direct debits actually count towards. The big six UK energy companies – British Gas, npower, EDF Energy, E.ON UK, Scottish Power and SSE – usually make headlines for all the wrong reasons these days.

With over 90% market share between them they’re constantly being scrutinised by regulators and government bodies against allegations of profiteering. Against this backdrop it is always a pleasant surprise when a member of the Big Six steps forward with a solid offer for all new and existing customers.

SSE, based in Perth, Scotland, is currently offering two months' free heating cover when you take its Heating Cover plan on a 12-month contract. Within this contract you’ll receive all parts, labour and unlimited call outs along with an annual boiler service worth up to £85 all included. At the end of the two months the Heating Cover plan reverts to £18.90 a month for the remainder of the contract.

Peace of mind

We all know that if a boiler is going to break down, you can almost bet the house it will happen when you most need it so it’s great to have peace of mind that any repairs to your boiler and central heating are all covered under one monthly payment.

In addition to your boiler service, all controls including the thermostat and programmer are covered under the plan along with repairs to radiators and pipework (within the house). The emergency helpline is available 24/7 and 24-hour call outs are available for emergency repairs. If parts are unable to be sourced for boilers less than seven years old, SSE will replace your boiler with one of a similar specification.

Underfloor heating systems are not covered by the Heating Cover plan along with any liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and oil heating systems or boilers based in commercial properties.

If you’re an existing SSE customer and you switch to this plan you will receive the added bonus of a £40 energy credit applied to your energy account within 60 days of purchase. You will also qualify for the SSE Reward scheme, which offers a range of benefits at a number of SSE-sponsored venues.

If you’re interested in this offer, don’t delay as this offer is only available until 7 March 2018.

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