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Get up to £100 cashback with British Gas Homecare cover

Monday, February 12th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Boilers have a nasty habit of breaking down in the midst of winter when the weather is at its coldest or just as you are about to have a shower.

Emergency plumbers can be expensive but there are insurance products that will let you protect your boiler, heating, electrics and plumbing.

If having someone on hand who will arrange to fix your broken pipes isn’t enough, British Gas is now offering up to £100 cashback to those signing up to its HomeCare service.

The cashback comes in the form of a prepaid MasterCard that you need to activate within the first 90 days of cover starting. You will get just one reminder to do this 28 days after your policy starts.

You can get a prepaid card worth £25 with the British Gas HomeCare Two plan for £14.50 a month. This comes with annual boiler servicing and protection for your boiler and controls and central heating.

For £18 a month you would get £40 on a prepaid card with HomeCare Three. This includes the same protection as HomeCare Two but you also get protection if your plumbing breaks down or with drainage issues.

You can also get your home electrics protected on top of everything else with HomeCare Four. This costs £20.50 a month and you will get a £100 prepaid card.

A one-off boiler service for £79

There will be an excess of £60 to pay for any claims but you will get unlimited call outs and you can ring day or night with issues. Parts and labour are also included, although it is worth checking for your individual job in case exceptions arise.

There is also a cheaper non-cashback option just to cover your boiler, servicing and controls for £12.50 a month.

British Gas also offers a one-off boiler service for £79 on a yearly contract, but you won’t get protection for any breakdowns throughout the year.

These prices are only for the first year of the policy and the renewal price is likely to be higher, as it would be with other providers, depending on your specific details. Your direct debit will usually automatically renew so it is worth shopping around in advance to see if there are any special offers that will save you money.

In comparison, if you only want cover for your boiler, SSE will charge £4.95 a month. This offers 24/7 call outs with a £90 callout charge and cover for your boiler and heating controls.

Those wanting to protect the boiler, radiators, pipes, hot water and heating controls could consider SSE’s Heating Breakdown Cover with a £90 callout charge and unlimited callouts for £6.95 a month. It will also let you reserve morning or afternoon appointments.

If you want to cover your boiler, heating and electrics, HomeServe will charge £15.25 a month with a £50 call out charge. It also offers unlimited call outs and this comes with a boiler service.

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