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BT offers up to £150 cashback with fibre broadband and TV deals

Friday, January 26th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Fancy getting paid to join BT? The provider has stepped up its January sale with up to £150 cashback on offer when you snap up its broadband or TV packages.

You can get a £50 Mastercard reward card from BT when you sign up to its Unlimited Broadband package offering speeds of up to 17mb. This provides unlimited monthly usage for 18 months at £23.99 a month. There is a £9.99 setup fee.

BT’s faster broadband deals have an even higher sweetener. You can get a £125 reward card with Unlimited Infinity for £29.99 a month. This gives you speeds of up to 52Mbps. There is a £29.99 upfront charge.

Go even faster with up to 76Mbps on Unlimited Infinity 2 for £39.99 a month. This offer comes with no set up fee plus you get a reward card worth £150.

All include line rental and come with unlimited weekend calls on 18-month contracts. But it is not just broadband you could earn money on.

With the Champions League knockout stages coming up, now may be a good time to sign up to BT Sport. Its TV and broadband deals score highly when you also add the cashback offers.

TV and broadband from £23.99 a month

The cheapest package is BT’s Starter television and Unlimited Broadband deal. This gives you up to 80 Freeview channels and up to 17Mbps of broadband. You will also get six months free BT Sport all for £23.99 and £59.99 upfront. Plus BT will give you a £50 reward card.

The starter package with faster speeds of up to 52Mbps using Unlimited Infinity is available for £29.99 a month and a generous £125 reward. Alternatively, you could go even faster with Unlimited Infinity 2 on the starter pack, offering up to 76Mbps for £39.99 a month and an even more generous £150 reward card.

All starter pack offers come with a £59.99 upfront charge.

Users get unlimited monthly broadband usage, unlimited UK weekend calls and a YouView box that lets you pause and rewind live TV.

If you choose to keep BT Sport after the free period it will cost an extra £3.50 a month.

If sport isn’t your thing, you can still get a £125 reward card with BT’s Entertainment + Unlimited Infinity package. This gets you up to Freeview 100 channels and Infinity Broadband as well as a YouView+ box that lets you record 300 hours of television. The monthly charge is £39.99 a month plus £29.99 upfront. There is also an option to add BT Sport for £3.50 per month.

Why not combine entertainment and sport with the Max package? This gives you up to 121 Freeview channels, 21 of which are in HD. You also get a recordable YouView+ HD box with 600 hours of recording space and can add BT Sport for free. The provider will even throw in a £125 reward card. This will cost £44.99 a month and £29.99 upfront.

All have 18-month contracts and include line rental and weekend UK calls.

Don’t forget you won’t just get sent the reward card automatically. You need to claim and set it up online and should then receive it within 30 days.

Today's best deals

  • BT Unlimited Infinity + Calls + TV Starter & Sport

    • Freeview + BT Sport
    • Up to 52Mb download speed
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Free weekend calls
    Offer ends 22nd February & Free BT Sport for 18 months
    £29 .99
    £59.99 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

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