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Mobile phone batteries 'not strong enough' for increasing demands

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A third of mobile phone users have owned a phone with a battery that did not last the full length of their contract, new research has revealed.

giffgaff said the capacity of phone batteries is often “seriously diminished” by the end of a standard two-year term, with phones needing to be charged every few hours rather than once a day.

A poll by the provider found that 60% of respondents aged 25-34 have had a phone battery not last for their whole contract.

More than a third (36%) of the same age group have also had a phone that loses power or switches off abruptly.

Despite phone contracts usually lasting 24 months, only 18.5% of those surveyed said they’d owned their phone for two years – and just 4.5% had owned their phone for longer than three years.

giffgaff points out that although the majority of people claimed their phone’s battery life was bearable, only a small percentage actually own an older phone.

Lithium-ion batteries deteriorate over time. They are only designed to withstand a certain number of ‘cycles’ – a full drain of the battery – and this generally equates to a couple of years’ use.

giffgaff also found that 27% of men believe video streaming is the main reason for their battery losing power, while 29% of women say it is social media draining their phone’s battery.

Those aged over 65 do less video streaming and use social media less than any other age group, according to the research, and also seem to have the least amount of trouble with battery life – 30% of over 65s said their batteries lasted more than two days.

Victoria Tagg, head of search at giffgaff, said: “It’s amazing to see how battery life has improved over the years.

“However, the evidence clearly shows that current battery capacities are not strong enough to meet our ever-increasing demands for streaming videos and application usage.

“Mobile users need to be aware of the various features included in a phone, which can be incredibly useful for extending their battery life when needed.”

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