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Glasgow new-build homes to get fibre broadband after two-year wait

Wednesday, August 5th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Residents of a new-build housing estate in Glasgow are finally getting superfast broadband – two years after moving into their homes.

BT Openreach is to install a fibre cabinet on the Woodilee Village estate by the end of the year, although a quarter of households will still miss out.

Cable.co.uk reported in December how residents were growing frustrated at a lack of information from Openreach about its plans for the area.

Resident Martin Trotter contacted the office of Openreach CEO Joe Garner in January and was told the street cabinet serving the estate was “not commercially viable” to upgrade to fibre.

The only option was for Mr Trotter to get together with other residents to privately fund the upgrade, he was told, but the situation changed again a month later.

A meeting took place in February between the residents, BT and site developers Cala Homes, Persimmon Homes, Miller Homes and Springfield Homes.

“BT said they would install one fibre cabinet to serve most of the estate and there would be no charge,” Mr Trotter told Cable.co.uk. “It was a bit of a surprise.

“The only problem was that they couldn’t connect some of the houses on one side of the estate, across the other side of a small river that runs through the estate.

“The explanation was that part of the estate is also connected to an older established estate so some of the cables are linked in with older houses, and there is no conduit in place to cross the river.”

'A real shame'

Mr Trotter said he has been told by BT that the cabinet will be upgraded between September and December this year.

About three quarters of the estate will have access to fibre broadband, although the cabinet won’t be able to serve every household should they all take up the offer of fibre broadband, he added.

“We’re obviously very pleased we’ll be getting the upgrade for our side of the estate. It’s success in a way, but a real shame it won’t be for all the houses.

“I don’t know when the next rollout would be to cover the other part of the estate.”

Graham Kendall, who also lives on the estate, said: “While I am overjoyed that we are finally getting fibre, I can not see sense in doing only part of the estate.

“The fact new houses have been built in a fibre-enabled area without provision is unacceptable.”

Doug Riddell, on behalf of the consortium of developers at Woodilee Village, said: "The developers have been in discussions with BT to encourage upgrades to be installed as quickly, and as wide, as possible.

"We are pleased that progress with the installation is now being made by BT and the advantages this will bring to the area."

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