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Half of mobile users don't know their monthly allowances, says giffgaff

Friday, September 2nd 2016 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

More than half of the UK’s mobile users don’t know their text, minute and data allowances, a new survey has revealed.

A study by giffgaff shows that 52% of people are unaware of their monthly limits, which may explain why 40% have gone over their allowance.

Despite our increasing use of apps that require an internet connection, only 6% of the 1,500 adults surveyed said the data allowance was their primary reason for choosing a mobile contract.

According to giffgaff, 75% of Brits consider value for money to be the most important thing to look for in a contract – yet only 66% actually shop around to make sure they get the best deal.

The ‘Cost of Contracts’ report says that 24% have simply renewed an old contract when at its end and not looked anywhere else.

Half of those surveyed don’t even know when their mobile contracts end, meaning they could miss out on switching to a cheaper deal and pay over the odds for their handset.

Kim Faura, giffgaff’s chief commercial officer, said: “It’s encouraging to see that, as a nation, we expect good value for money from our phone deals, although the data suggests that we don’t always give ourselves the opportunity to seek it out – a fact that might point towards the increasingly busy lives we lead.”

The report by giffgaff also looked at how people use their phones. It says that only 29% of people use their phone primarily as a phone, with 36% saying the main use of their handset is texting or messaging.

16% said web browsing was the main use of their phone and social media was in fourth place with 11%.

Digital detox

With one in 10 of us now using our phones for more than three hours a day, should we be making an effort to take a break from our devices?

According to Ofcom, 15m of us have done exactly that – but while a holiday would seem the perfect time for a digital detox, not everyone takes the opportunity to switch off.

In a survey of 2,000 people, holidaycottages.co.uk found that only 26% of people turn off their phone when they’re away and 32% said not having their favourite device would put a downer on their holiday.

But more than half (52%) said they could go two days without their phone and 43% admit to getting frustrated with others using their phone on holiday.

“Due to rise of technology and the ease it brings to everyday life; technological devices have become an integral part of our holidays even becoming more essential than a toothbrush” said holidaycottages.co.uk’s managing director James Morrison.

“We think it’s important that people ditch the selfie and embrace the beautiful scenery around them to get back in touch with reality.”

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