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'How can I be charged for phone calls when I don't even have a phone?'

Monday, December 14th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A BT customer has been handed a bill for more than 40 calls over four months – despite not even having a landline phone.

Kat Comer, a brand manager from Walthamstow Village, London, is being charged a total of £69.93 for phone calls that she hasn’t made.

She was also charged a £130 moving fee that BT previously said she would not have to pay.

The problems started when the 29-year-old moved house in July.

“Firstly, BT wanted to charge me a £130 moving fee which I did not want to pay for obvious reasons,” Ms Comer told Cable.co.uk.

“I called up BT and spoke to someone and they told me they would waive the £130 fee. I was happy with this.”

But when she received the first bill after moving into her new home, Ms Comer found that she’d not only been charged the moving fee but had also been billed for 19 phone calls and a protection service she hadn’t ordered.

“I use BT exclusively for wi-fi and don’t even have a phone physically plugged in, I only have a phone line because there is no other choice,” she said.

“Therefore, it is impossible for me to make any calls.

"Furthermore, they increased the length of my contract without telling me or me signing anything.”

Ms Comer said that since her first contact with BT she has been unable to get through to BT on the phone and has instead had to use an online chat service.

“I’m not sure how a call centre in India can possibly empathise with these issues, they basically said I’m lying and tough luck.

“I have had to reduce myself to being rude before they will take me seriously enough to attempt to fix the problem.”

'Making it up'

Ms Comer was told she would get a refund for the moving fee, protection service and phone calls, but the next month was again billed for 19 calls she hadn’t made.

“Upon being forced yet again to use their useless online chat, I spent three entire hours trying to solve the issue, during which I was passed around to four people and continually told I’m making it up and the calls came from my number so I must have made them.

“They have offered a refund yet again but how many months must I go through this? There has been no solution to fix the ongoing problem at all and it is shocking.”

Ms Comer's latest bill from BT charges her for making three calls. All three – like many of the calls on the previous bills – are to a local charity Ms Comer has never phoned.

"I have now cancelled my direct debit and they keep chasing me trying to get me to pay. At this point we just want to get our contract cancelled so we can join Virgin where we won't have the phone line issue."

Cable.co.uk has approached BT for comment.

UPDATE: A BT spokesperson said: “BT has investigated Ms Comer’s case, and our investigations have found that the calls were made from that line.

"However as a gesture of goodwill and due to the time it took to resolve the complaint BT has waived the call charges and also offered a credit of £30. The customer has now cancelled their contract without charge. BT would like to apologise to Ms Cromer for the delay in resolving the complaint.”

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