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How to get the best Sky TV deal this Christmas

Friday, December 8th 2017 by Oprah Flash

Not long to go now until we break up for the Christmas holidays and the classic films take pride of place as family entertainment.

Now may be a good time to invest in a Sky TV package to keep the whole family happy over the holidays.

Trying to figure out how to keep the family occupied this Christmas? Sky’s basic TV package has you covered. It comes in the form of the Original Bundle and you’ll get the standard Freeview channels that most providers offer, plus an extra 35 premium channels such as Sky Atlantic.

Sky TV from just £20 a month

For the Christmas Sky has knocked his bundle down to £20 a month over a minimum term of 18 months. This should be sufficient to to keep the family occupied as you’ll get more than 290 channels including Sky One, Fox and Sky Sports Mix.

The packages comes with a Sky Q TV box and access to the Sky Q app where you can watch live or on-demand shows from your phone or tablet.

If you’re into your suspense dramas and documentaries the Variety Bundle may be a better fit. This one now costs £25 a month over 18 months and you’ll get all channels and features included in the Original Bundle but with extra channels. This package also comes with Kids TV where you get more than 4,500 episodes just for the younger members of your family. Access to the Sky Kids App is an added bonus of this bundle which should also help to keep the kids occupied over the Christmas.

Box set bingers this is for you. If you’re just planning on using the time off work to binge-watch your favourite shows you may want to look into Sky’s Box Sets Bundle. It costs £31 a month which is slightly more expensive than the other TV packages but includes all that has been mentioned above plus a library of more than 350 Box Sets.

Harry Kane, you can add Sky Sports to your TV bundle for £20 a month

The Box Sets has a bit of everything from drama to comedy and entertainment. Sky Originals like Penny Dreadful and the American thriller series Scandal are all available for you to watch.

All TV bundles include an additional one-off set-up cost of £20.00.

Sky Cinema

Christmas is the time you get to finally catch up on all your boxsets and watch all of your guilty pleasures.

If you’re new to Sky TV for the Christmas Season you can make a 40% saving if you’re planning on adding Sky Cinema to your Sky TV bundle.

When signing up to the Original Bundle for £20 a month, you can add Sky Cinema to it for an extra £10 a month bringing your total spend or the month to £30.

This only applies if you opt for an 18-month contract. Outside of the offer period the price for Sky Original with Sky Cinema is £38 a month.This offer ends on Thursday 28 December so there is still nearly three weeks left for you to shop around.

If you already have Sky TV and you just want to upgrade to add Sky Cinema, the same offer applies. You can get in touch with Sky and add Sky Cinema for an extra £10 a month.

Sky Sports

Movies are great but they’re not for everyone. If you’re someone who would prefer to just watch the footie over Christmas Sky has extended its Sky Sports offer to Thursday 28 December.

The offer only applies to you if you decide to renew your Sky TV contract for another 18 months. If you do you can get all eight Sky Sports channels for an extra £20 a month.

Sky TV and Broadband

If you’re coming to the end of your broadband contract and want to lump the internet in with your TV package, Sky is allowing you to add Sky Broadband Unlimited to any Sky TV Bundle for just £20 a month over a 12-month contract. You’ll get download speeds up to 17Mbps which work perfectly well for smaller households.

For faster speeds up to 38Mbps you can add Sky Fibre to your Sky TV Bundle for just £20 a month for 18 months. You’ll get faster speeds but will be limited to monthly 25GB usage allowance.

The limited usage can be quite a pain to keep an eye on so you may want to add Sky Fibre Unlimited to your Sky TV Bundle instead. If this is the route for you, you’ll pay £30 a month for 18 months.

Bigger families use more devices and at Christmas this will go up a notch so get ready to see the loading wheel of doom. Faster download speeds up to 76Mbps should help out in this situation which you can get with the Sky Fibre Max. To add this to you TV bundle its £35 a month for on an 18-month contract.

This price is available right up until Friday 29 December and there’s a set-up cost of £39.95.

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