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How to watch The Walking Dead series 8 part 2

Thursday, February 22nd 2018 by Mike Whitehead

Who will win the ‘All Out War’? Is Carl really dead? Just how tough is Negan without a baseball bat in his hand? But, most importantly, where can we watch it?

At the end of the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, Rick has finally returned to Alexandria, the Kingdom’s forces have been decimated, Daryl’s gone rogue and Dwight has been exposed as a traitor to the Saviors. Oh, and to top everything off, Carl has been bitten and will now almost certainly die.

The UK premiere of Season 8, part 2 will be aired on Monday 26 February at 9pm on FOX UK, 24 hours after the US premiere. In anticipation, a series of artwork has appeared on social media alongside a teaser trailor released with a tagline promising ‘The Last Stand’.

Various plot synopses have been mooted about what fans of the series can expect. What is certain is the war between communities has had a devastating impact upon all of them. Alexandria is destroyed, Hilltop is pinned down and the members of the Kingdom are either dead or now under the control of the Saviors.

Rick has returned to Alexandria to discover a walker has bitten his son, Carl. During Negan’s recent attack, Carl heroically shepherded members of his community to safety and was finally beginning to show a level of maturity beyond his years. Without Carl, how will Rick cope?

Meanwhile at Hilltop, a heavily pregnant Maggie is wrestling with many leadership issues of her own, deciding how to deal with the many Savior prisoners she now has under her control. Life is not rosy on the other side, either with Negan having to deal with splits in his own ranks, accusations of treachery and a power struggle bubbling below the surface.

For the purists, part 1 of season 8 was deemed too slow-paced at times and missing a real cliffhanger like in Season 7 with the incredibly brutal introduction of Negan and the Saviors. Part 2 will have to live up to the hype and win over long-term fans of the show who were less than impressed with producer Scott Gimple’s decision to kill off Carl Grimes and took to social media to campaign for his return.

Where can I watch The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead, Series 8 part 2 is on FOX UK, available on Sky channel 124 and Virgin Media channel 157. You can also get FOX UK included as part of a NOW TV entertainment package.

If you want to watch The Walking Dead through a Sky platform it is available as part of the Sky Entertainment pack. If you’re new to Sky the payments start at £20 a month on an 18-month contract with a £20 installation fee.

For the Virgin Media package you would require the Full House TV package, available for £49 a month on a 12-month contract with a £20 activation fee.

If you’d prefer not to be tied down to any fixed-term contract you can sign up to NOW TV and purchase an Entertainment Pass, for only £7.99 a month until you decide to cancel. Available to watch on a range of devices, you can download the app on your Smart TV or buy a set-top box for just £14.99.

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