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Hyperoptic introduces 'no contract' fibre broadband option

Monday, July 6th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

Gigabit broadband provider Hyperoptic is introducing a ‘no contract’ option for new customers, it has announced.

The company, which offers fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband, said it is putting customers first by offering “complete flexibility”.

Monthly costs for a broadband only service range from £24 for a 20Mbps service, to £38 for 100Mbps, and £64 for 1Gbps.

There is also a set up and installation fee of £40, which includes a gigabit router.

Hyperoptic is also offering a ‘no contract’ broadband and phone option, ranging from £11 a month for 20Mbps, plus a £16 landline fee, up to £51 a month for 1Gbps, plus the £16 landline fee.

The packages include free evening and weekend UK landline calls, and an ‘Anytime UK Plan’ and ‘International Plan’ are also available.

Dana Tobak, managing director of Hyperoptic, which was last week named ‘best superfast broadband’ by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) said Hyperoptic is giving consumers what they “want and need”.

“In a market such as broadband, it can be hard to compare competing products – especially when most of them are the same,” she said.

“Many broadband companies try and stand out from the crowd by investing millions in their advertising and by attempting to lure customers to sign lengthy contracts by giving away free gifts.”

'Giving people what they want'

Hyperoptic uses fibre technology to the building, meaning the copper cabling which can account for peak-time slowdowns and unpredictable speeds is no longer used to deliver a service to consumers.

Its services are live across London, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading, Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds, with installations happening in Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Ms Tobak said: “We were the first broadband company in the UK to offer consumers gigabit connectivity by using our own, dedicated network – over 135 times faster than traditional ASDL services.

“Now, by offering consumers a ‘no contract’ option, we are giving people what they want and need: the UK’s fastest most consistent broadband with complete flexibility.”

The no contract option is expected to appeal to customers who do not want to risk being locked in to 12-18 month broadband contracts unless they pay large exit penalties.

Switching broadband or landline providers will become a simpler process for consumers from tomorrow.

Last month Ofcom launched an investigation into the difficulties consumers face when trying to get out of broadband and phone contracts.

The telecoms regulator is carrying out what it calls a ‘monitoring and enforcement programme’ to look at cancellation and termination arrangements of providers offering landline, mobile, broadband and subscription TV services.

Cable.co.uk previously reported how contract issues made up nearly a fifth of complaints to the communications ombudsman about broadband and mobile phone providers.

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