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'I sent my faulty EE mobile to be fixed and got a bill for a cracked screen instead'

Friday, October 2nd 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

An EE customer was billed £114 for repairs to her phone – despite it being damaged on its way to be fixed.

Samantha Lowe's phone was sent away to be fixed after it developed a fault.

But she was then billed more than £100 by EE for a cracked screen that happened on the journey to be repaired.

The ensuing dispute between EE and a courier firm meant Ms Lowe has been without her phone for nearly 10 weeks – despite being only three months into a new contract.

Miss Lowe, from Upper Norwood in London, took delivery of a new Samsung Galaxy S6 on 25 June but less than a month later had to send the phone back.

“One day a black dot appeared on the screen, so I turned it off and on again but by the morning it had gone completely black,” she told Cable.co.uk.

The 45-year-old took her phone to the EE store in Streatham on 22 July but was told to try another branch as they had no loan phones.

“I drove to the Tooting branch and two guys inspected the phone before taking it,” she said.

“I then got an email on the 27th from EE repairs with a picture of my phone with a cracked screen and a bill for £114.”

Miss Lowe, who works as a foster carer, said she refused to pay the bill as she had pictures of her phone and a receipt from EE saying it was in good condition.

“As they were in a dispute with the couriers because they believed my phone was damaged in transit, this continued for six weeks.”

It took Miss Lowe a further two weeks of arguing with an EE executive to get the company to pay for the damages.

“They offered me £50 off my bill as a goodwill gesture – it’s better than nothing but I was still annoyed,” she said.

'So upset'

“I’ve been treated so disrespectfully by EE and have cried down the phone because I’ve been so upset."

Ms Lowe said she has been without a phone for nearly 10 weeks but is still paying the full £39.99 a month for her contract.

“EE have had the phone longer than me. I’m three months into the contract and they’ve had it for two months," she added.

Miss Lowe’s phone was eventually returned to her on 20 September, only for her to find that she couldn’t get a signal and would need to send it for repairs once again.

“I said I’m not taking it back to an EE shop – they broke it last time. So they said ‘we’ll send you a jiffy bag and you can send it in the post’.”

Miss Lowe has posted her phone to EE for a second time, but said she has lost all faith in the company.

“What’s happened to ‘the customer is always right’?.

“They could have just given me a new phone, I’ve spent ages trying to sort this out and I’ve got more important things to do. I’ll never take out another contract with EE.”

Cable.co.uk has contacted EE for comment.

Update: A spokesperson for EE confirmed that Miss Lowe was asked to pay for repairs to her phone while EE investigated how the screen came to be damaged, but would later be fully reimbursed.

"We're sorry for the delay in repairing Ms Lowe's handset and the inconvenience caused," the spokesperson said.

"We explained to Ms Lowe at the time that she would be fully reimbursed for any payment made following our investigation into the cause of the damage. We have reimbursed her for this cost and have and offered a gesture of goodwill as an apology."

Comments (9)

23rd December 2017

I experienced the same issue phone didnt switch on handed it in to the camden branch. They gave me a form no physical damages. But then I get sent a bill for £100 to replace a damage screen? I was a little lucky I thought with EE and eventually got them to pay me and then I paid the repair guys. It seems like a pattern to me. There is obviously somethon wrong here.

Steve Jackson
12th November 2017

I sent my warped phone of 3 months back to the manufacturer Huawei and they said I had damaged it(I had not) They wanted just under £100 to fix it, its their fault

20th May 2017

Ee are cunts

keith newman
7th April 2016

Hi. My case is very similar to Samantha's. Phone went away through EE due to fault, while away the repairers for EE called me and informed me the repair of a cracked screen is not covered under the Warranty and I would have to pay £139 to have it repaired. Spent time this week ringing EE customer help line, no good, in the end copied the repair form signed by myself and the local shop to say no damage to the handset and sent to the repairers today 07/04/16. In the interim spoke to the EE shop where I dropped the phone into, they say the phone was in A1 condition and they have photo prove to show its A1 condition so the cracked screen has happened at the repairers or on route. The repairers to me are trying to de-fraud customers out of their money and they should be, as well EE be answerable to the law.

Keith Newman.

20th October 2015

At Danny, you sound as though you work for EE. For your information I do have phone insurance with my bank. However that's not the issue. My phone is under warrantee as it was less than a month old when it went in for a fault. EE cracked my screen so it was done to them to either replace or repair.

I would like to thank Cable.Uk as it was down to Phil for picking up my Tweets and reporting my story EE have agreed to release me from my contract, I am now with a new provider. :)

Danny B
2nd October 2015

Should've got the insurance at 10 pound a month I've had no issues with EE in any damage or faulty claims also I'm surprised they didnt inform you to contact Samsung direct as all new phones are covered by at least a 12 month warranty where faults are repaired free of charge...

2nd October 2015

I am a close friend of Samantha's and I'm also having an issue with faulty handsets so far I've had 3 since April 2015...currently negotiating a 4th replacement due to phone constantly overheating!

Extremely inconvenient and annoying to wait around for new handsets and to have to keep downloading apps and resetting passwords...I'm covered under Insurance but 3 times having the same fault sounds ludicrous to me!

2nd October 2015

I sent my phone to them to fix as it was getting to hot and would not hold its charge .they had it tor 3week told me it would be 2 week when it came back and I went to pick up not only did it have a crack on the screen but it would not come on .i was told this is how I sent it to them I spent 2hours in the shop telling then when I gave it to you it was just getting hot now look they told me I would have to pay 150 to have it fix ....i said know ....I did not pay this and got let off only because when I put my phone in the shop I gave it to the store manger Lucy me and she back me up on my story in all it tack me 4 week to get a new phone .....this was 6 mouth ago and know my phone is getting hot that told me to bring it in .its been 2 month and am scared to take it in .so walk with a hot phone waiting for my up grade

2nd October 2015

I had a similar problem with EE, they took my phone for repairs and when it returned it was a completely different model of phone to the one I sent, it took months to sort this out, I don't want to spend my time and money with EE ever again

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