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In-car wifi deals from £59.99 on EE pay as you go

Thursday, February 8th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Long car journeys can be frustrating enough without arguments over the radio station or having to listen to your children’s nursery rhyme CD or partner’s audiobook.

Now there is a way for everyone to be kept occupied. Once you get bored of playing eye spy or actually talking to each other, there is also the option of car wi-fi.

This provides a dongle that plugs into your 12 volt power socket and provides a signal so that passengers can browse the web and stream music and movies more easily. This may mean needing an adaptor if you are using GPS at the same time.

EE has spruced up its car wi-fi offering with the Buzzard 2.

The new look features a brushed metal effect, making it a welcome addition to any car interior - and it also acts as a USB adaptor, so now you can charge your tablet or phone while streaming at the same time.

It supports up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices at once, so you would need a lot of passengers and a pretty big car before reaching capacity.

You can get connected for just £12 with no upfront cost for 2GB of data on a 24-month plan. There are also 24-month plans at £18 a month for 4GB and £23 for 15GB.

Flexible 30-day deals

Two years is a long time to be locked in for and that is a lot of car journeys, so if you want more flexibility you could also look at EE’s 30-day deals.

You will need to pay £39.99 upfront but you could get 2GB for £13 a month, 4GB for £19 or 15GB for £24. There is also a pay-as-you go option that gives you 5GB or 30 days for £59.99 upfront.

There are also even bulkier data options. A 24-month contract with nothing to pay upfront would give you 30GB of data for £29 a month or £61 for 50GB. Alternatively, there is a 30-day 30GB plan option for £30 and £39.99 upfront.

The device can be used across the UK and EE has the widest 4G coverage so you are likely to get signal for most of the journey.

Its pay monthly deals also come with 100MB of roaming data in selected countries in Europe each month at no extra cost.

Wi-fi on the move is attractive, but this isn’t the only mobile option. EE’s own pocket-sized 4GEE WiFi Mini device provides 5GB of data for 30 days on a £59.99 pay-as-you go deal.

02 also provides a Pocket Hotspot that can be plugged into your car and connect to up to 10 devices. This would cost £30 upfront for a 30-day 1GB pay-as-you go deal or £37 for 5GB that lasts for 90 days.

There are also 24-month contract options, starting from 25GB for £24 a month with nothing to pay upfront.

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