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iPhone 6 Plus owners twice as data-hungry as those with standard iPhone 6

Monday, February 23rd 2015 by Ellen Branagh

People with an iPhone 6 Plus use twice as much data as those with the standard iPhone 6, a new report has claimed.

The Mobile Analytics report from software company Citrix, which looks at mobile subscriber data usage in people’s personal and business lives, said that overall mobile data consumption is continuing to grow.

The report also found that mobile subscribers access more than double the amount of sports video content on their devices compared to nine months ago.

Citrix said that iPhone 6 Plus owners consume double the data of those with an iPhone 6 – more closely mirroring tablet rather than phone data use.

It stated: “This increase impacts subscribers when choosing a new device – be careful to select a data plan that matches your super-sized screen.

“Clearly the phablet size iPhone 6 Plus shows data usage patterns more akin to tablet usage.

“For mobile operators, this increase provides an opportunity to shift subscriber wi-fi usage towards mobile networks.”

Sports content

According to the report, mobile sports video content has more than doubled in volume from the third quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2015, rising from 21% to 50%.

It found that 2.5% of mobile subscribers access sports content on any given day, generating 0.5% of mobile data traffic volume. The average user accessing sports content on a mobile device did so for 2.6 minutes at a time.

Looking at how long people use mobile data for at a time, the report found that a mobile data subscriber is typically engaged for 4.6 minutes at a time – ranging from two to 10 minutes a time.

The length of that time increases through the day, it found, from an average low of 2.7 minutes at 4am to an average high of 6.7 minutes at 9pm.

The longest time periods of nine minute took place at noon, 9pm and 10pm.

As part of its analysis of data usage, the report said that mobile dating apps are most popular at 6pm, with data primarily used to view images.

The report credited mobile gaming and video consumption as two of the main reasons for the rise in data use.

It added: “As the data in this report makes clear, mobile device usage continues to grow in both volume and sophistication in both consumer and business markets, with no signs of slowing.”

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