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iPhone SE deal gives you 12GB for the price of 3GB on O2

Monday, February 19th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Looking to get your hands on a iPhone but can’t quite bear the thought of parting with £999? A quadruple data deal on the iPhone SE from O2 may be the answer.

Are you even living in 2018 if you don’t have a big data deal? All the providers are doing it now. Three has all-you-can-eat data, Vodafone has a 50GB SIM-only and EE gives away 50GB of data when you sign up to its top broadband package. We’ve told you before but when it comes to data you either go big or go home.

O2 is getting in on the action and has quadrupled the data allowance on a range of pay-monthly phone deals, including the iPhone SE.

If you’re looking to show off to your mates for having the latest flagship phone, the iPhone SE is not for you. Hold up, before you get disheartened you still get bragging rights for being savvy with your finances, getting a big data plan and a decent phone to boot. Sounds better right?

4x data until 21 March

The iPhone SE is the mid-range equivalent of Apple’s flagship handsets. It doesn’t have facial recognition like the iPhone X but it still gives you some of the iPhones features that keep Team Apple loyal but for a fraction of price.

The shape and design are reminiscent of the iPhone 5S, which remained popular for many years after its release.

The iPhone SE is a pocket sized phone with a 4-inch screen. Apple is renowned for its high-quality phone cameras and the iPhone SE has a 12MP iSight camera for sharper more detailed photos as well as the capability to shoot 4K videos.

The model we’re talking about here, has 32GB of internal storage for storing apps, pictures and music. You’ll have to be choosy with what you store on the handset as there is no external port to support the use of a memory card.

You’ll be able to use most of the typical iPhone features such as Touch ID fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone and confirming payments with Apple Pay, FaceTime and back up storage on iCloud.

From O2 you can get the iPhone SE in either Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, or Space Grey.

The smallest of the quadruple data plans on offer is 4GB for £29 a month. This is an amount that not everyone can agree on. For some it’s too small and they’re wary about going over the limit. For others it’s just right provided you can access wi-fi most of the time. It depends on your usage so we’ll leave the conclusion on this one to you.

If that plan was too small you can go to the other end of the scale and pick the biggest plan included in the deal. O2 is offering 40GB for the price of 10GB at £40 a month. This is a huge amount of data and best suited to commuters who may do a lot of streaming on the go or for those who do not have a broadband connection at home.

Too big? O2 has a plan that’s just right. Thanks to the quadruple data offer you can now get the iPhone SE with 12GB of data to use each month for £32 a month.

You’ve got until Wednesday 21 March to sign up to a plan otherwise you’ll miss out on the extra free data. All of the plans mentioned have unlimited calls and texts with no upfront cost to pay. O2 Refresh contracts last 24 months and are divided into a separate airtime plan and device plan.

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