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Is Sky Mobile's £10 iPhone SE deal really the UK's lowest monthly price?

Wednesday, February 21st 2018 by Steve McCaskill

Sky claims its current £10 a month offer is the UK’s “lowest monthly price” for the iPhone SE.

But the truth it is that it’s only the cheapest if you are already a Sky TV customer - and you’re willing to recommit to another minimum term with the company. Even then, £10 a month will only get you the handset so you're looking at paying at least fiver a month for data.

Without a Sky TV subscription, you’re looking at £10 a month for the handset, £5 a month for an allowance of 500MB and then another £10 on top for unlimited calls and texts. This makes the equivalent price plan a comparatively hefty £25 a month.

You can get this down to £15 if you don’t need a voice and text bundle, with calls 10p a minute and messages 10p each.

While this is clearly good news for Sky TV subscribers, there are several deals out there that make more sense for those with another TV or broadband provider and may even come with additional extras.

iPhone SE from £15.99 a month with iD Mobile

iD Mobile, the network from Carphone Warehouse, is offering 500MB of data, 300 minutes and 5,000 texts for £15.99 a month. There’s no upfront cost and there is a minimum two-year contract to sign. If that’s not enough, you can double your data to 1GB and minutes to 600 for £17.99

Three wants £19 upfront and will give you 500MB of data, 300 minutes and unlimited texts for £18 a month. This deal comes without Go Binge, which lets you stream services like Netflix outside of your data allowance, and without roaming outside the European Union.

EE promises unlimited minutes, texts and 500MB for £15, but is demanding £40 up front. For an extra £3 a month, you can reduce this to £25 and you will also get 1GB of data.

Vodafone’s cheapest deal is £18 a month and comes with 1GB of data, unlimited calls and texts so long as you’re happy to pay £35 up front.

O2’s best offer is £19 a month, this comes with 500MB and unlimited calls and texts, and you’ll have to stump up £25 at the start of the contract.

The iPhone SE is an entry-level model aimed at those that want an iPhone without the hefty price tag of the flagship devices, such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

It is a spiritual successor to the iPhone 5C, offering superior hardware and newer features like the TouchID fingerprint scanner, which is used to unlock the device and make payments via Apple Pay. It’s also smaller than more recent entries to the iPhone range, which have gradually increased in size over the past few years.

It’s unclear whether Apple has any plans to release a new version of the iPhone SE, so it’s still your best bet for a no-frills iPhone experience.

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