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Kitsound Voice One smart speaker from £99.99 with O2 Priority

Monday, February 19th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Alexa, who makes the best smart speaker with a personal assistant?

Since the recent release of the Apple Homepod, the smart home market has become saturated with competitors. The biggest players are Amazon with its Echo range, the Google Home range and now Apple’s HomePod.

Although they are the most popular, don’t fall into the the trap of thinking they are the only manufacturers of smart speakers with a built in personal assistant. There are others out there, including the Kitsound Voice One.

You can now buy it for £129.99 from O2. If you’re already an O2 customer you’ll have access to the O2 Priority app which gives you a £30 discount. This brings the price down to £99.99. This deal ends Wednesday 7 March.

The device runs on Amazon Alexa so you can do the same tasks you’d expect from an Echo. With a brief greeting to Alexa and a simple command you can turn up the heating, check what’s happening in the news or get recipe advice.

Makers of the Kitsound Voice One boast that the 360 degree audio technology built into the device allows you to fill your whole room with your favourite tunes. Let your inner DJ run free by downloading Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn or a range of other apps and control them them through the Kitsound Voice One Smart Speaker.

Alexa, why did you order cat food?

If you were one of those people who complained about their personal home devices ordering cat food during an Amazon Echo advert, then complain no more as there’s a Mic Mute button for when you and Alexa just need a bit of space.

Want to stream sound all over the house? The Kitsound Voice One lets you connect up to eight speakers together wirelessly. It will also connect to your other smart home devices including light bulbs and home heating systems.

It wouldn’t be fair for us to tell you about the product and not tell you where it sits pricewise compared to its competitors. The Google Home is currently retailing at £129 and uses Google Assistant to browse the interweb, answer your questions and control your smart home devices.

Amazon has the largest range of the manufacturers we’ve mentioned here. You can buy the Echo for £89.99.

As we bet you already predicted, Apple’s offering is the most expensive of the bunch. You can buy the Apple HomePod from EE for £319. It is also music focused with 360 sound, but keep it away from your wooden surfaces.

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