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Labrinth’s new single could be delayed by his faulty BT broadband

Thursday, September 13th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Fans of Labrinth may have to wait a bit longer than expected for his latest single, due to a combination of lagging broadband speeds and connection faults.

Last week the British singer-songwriter, real name Timothy McKenzie, took to Twitter in frustration over his unreliable broadband, saying BT were “robbing people and not taking responsibility”.

In his first post about the issue, Labrinth said: “This supposed reputable company are stealing from me and trying to get away with it on top of that I haven’t had internet that works properly for a year.”

Commenting on the post, he went on to say: “I can’t finish my next single because of them.”

Known for hits such as Earthquake and Beneath Your Beautiful, Labrinth recently released Thunderclouds, a collaboration with Sia and Diplo, and is currently working on his latest album.

He said: “The thing is they’ve already taken my money and haven’t given me what I’ve paid for. I’ve literally been living in the 80s with this BT signal”.

'They're making it hard for me to work'

Having not received a response from the provider, he reached out to Openreach.

On Twitter he said: ”It looks like Openreach is part of the problem as well. I can’t see why these massive companies can’t get their shit together, BT is telling me it going to take five days to switch me back on when they turned it off.”

He also told fans: "If [BT] have taken money from you and you haven’t received the service then your basically walking away with short changed. They are robbing people and not taking responsibility. I’m so pissed caused they making it hard for me to work.”

The following day Labrinth followed up with a complaint about Openreach, tweeting: "All you have to do is send this van and fix my internet. The reason why it needs to be now! Is because it’s your flop not mine. That’s how it works when you treat your customers well, Openreach you need to re-organise and have a board meeting because this is shit.”

Earlier this year. Ofcom released the results of its customer service survey and BT did not fare well. The provider had the highest number of complaints and of those, only 50% were handled satisfactorily.

Both BT and Openreach responded to the singer on the social media platform.

Labrinth isn’t the only musician with a bone to pick with their provider after having to put their craft on hold because of a faulty broadband connection.

Loyle Carner, a hip hop artist known for songs including The Isle of Arran and Ain't Nothing Changed, tweeted earlier today: “Yo NOW Broadband, you keep pushing back my WiFi date. I’ve got tunes to make. Any way you can move it forward?”

Cable.co.uk has reached out to BT but it has not commented on the issue.

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