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Lost in Space reboot to launch on Netflix in April

Monday, March 26th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Netflix is definitely looking to tap into a bit of sci-fi nostalgia with the launch of Lost In Space, a reboot of the classic 60s TV series, next month.

As with the original, the series is set 30 years in the future and tells the story of the Robinson family, who are selected to a new life for themselves on another planet and leave earth in a huge colony ship.

It’s not much of a spoiler to say the family don’t make to their intended destination and instead find themselves very much, erm… well, the name of the show says it all really.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you’re dealing with the remake of a much-loved TV classic – just ask the producers of the 1998 movie version – but Netflix will hope those have all been avoided and that it has yet another hit on its hands.

Toby Stephens (Die Another Day) and Molly Parker (House of Cards) star as ex-Army vet John and his wife Maureen Robinson, with Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall and Max Jenkins as their children Judy, Penny and Will.

Stranded alongside the Robinsons are Major Don West, played by Ignacio Serricchio (The Wedding Ringer), and Dr Smith, recast as a woman for the 2018 version and played by Parker Posey (Party Girl).

The series premieres on Netflix on 13 April but there’s plenty more sci-fi on the streaming service to keep you occupied until then such as Annihilation, a Netflix Original film starring Natalie Portman as a biologist on a mission to find her husband in a mysterious region sealed off by the US government.

Going back to the space theme, the series Salvation sees an MIT grad student and a tech billionaire team up in a bid to stop an asteroid colliding with earth.

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