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Manchester topples Liverpool in mobile performance league

Tuesday, March 15th 2016 by Ellen Branagh

Manchester has topped a table of the best UK cities for mobile performance, toppling nearby Liverpool from the number one spot.

The latest Metro Ranking Report from mobile analytics company RootMetrics put Manchester in top spot for mobile performance out of 16 UK ‘metro’ areas.

The city took the title from previous number one city Liverpool, which dropped to third, while Birmingham stayed in second place.

London found itself in a disappointing 13th place, dropping four places since the last round of testing.

The Metro Ranking Report analyses 16 of the UK’s most populous urban areas, ranking them based on how they compare for mobile network performance.

It includes Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Coventry, Belfast, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Bradford, Glasgow, Newcastle, London, Bristol, Cardiff, and Hull.

RootMetrics uses nearly 400,000 test samples gathered through more than 12,000 miles driven across the UK in the second half of 2015 and combines reliability and speed results from data, call and text testing.

As well as overall performance, RootMetrics ranked the 16 cities for reliability, speed, data, call and text.

Manchester was number one for data performance and network reliability, but Liverpool still came out on top for network speed.


Scott Stonham, RootMetrics general manager of Europe, said: “There’s just no getting away from the Manchester-Liverpool rivalry, and throughout 2015 the two cities have been tussling for the mobile top spot.

“While Manchester scored the most points in the second half of the year, people using their phones in Liverpool, and Birmingham too, can expect a strong overall mobile performance whatever network they are on.”

At the other end of the table, Bristol, Cardiff and Hull received the lowest scores, keeping their positions as 14th, 15th and 16th from the first half of 2015.

Cardiff and Hull were the bottom two in every category, RootMetrics said, while Bristol finished at number 14 in everything except call performance – where it came 13th.

London saw its ranking drop from the previous report, falling four places from 9th place to 13th.

Mr Stonham added: “Providing good mobile coverage in London is always going to be difficult due to the density of the population, the architecture and changes in demand on capacity.

“Our data shows there is still some room for improvement in some of the UK’s most populous areas, and more needs to be done to ensure a good mobile service – a vital part of a city’s basic infrastructure.”

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