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Millennials 'most likely' to switch broadband or mobile provider

Tuesday, September 5th 2017 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Millennials are the generation most likely to switch broadband or mobile provider, new research shows.

A study by EY shows that a third of millennials – also called Generation Y – have changed mobile phone operator two or three times in the past five years.

Nearly half of millennials (47%) have also left a telecoms, technology or media company in the past three years because of poor customer service.

The findings are based on a survey of 2,500 UK consumers split equally between four generations.

For the purposes of this research, EY defined Generation Z as those aged 18-21, Millennials or Generation Y as aged 22-40, Generation X as aged 41-52 and Baby Boomers as aged 52-71.

It found that Generation Z are the most likely to go in-store to buy a new phone tariff.

Baby Boomers are the most loyal generation, according to the research, with only 27% having changed service provider in the past three years over customer service issues.

While 62% of consumer overall have switched mobile operator in the past five years, only 48% of Baby Boomers have done the same.

The oldest generation in EY’s survey also appears to have the shortest fuse as they are the most likely to be aggrieved by long hold times on customer service numbers and slow customer service personnel.

They are also the most likely to get annoyed about unexpected price hikes.

'Consumers are becoming far less loyal'

EY found that Generation X are the biggest users of smartphones and fibre broadband, and are also the generation most reliant on multiple devices.

Generation X are also the most likely to shop online and rely on price comparison websites.

Martyn Whistler, EY’s global lead analyst for media and entertainment, said: “With the ability to compare tariffs and prices at the click of a button, consumers are becoming far less loyal to their service providers, particularly when it comes to phone and TV contracts.

“Where providers fail to meet the customer service expectations for younger consumers in particular, loyalty decreases significantly.

“As our survey demonstrates, customer engagement is key to being successful. And, as expectations rise and competition intensifies, it’s imperative for providers to best understand their customer drivers and behaviours.”

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