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Mobile phones doing relationships ‘more damage than good’

Monday, August 17th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Mobile phones are becoming one of the main causes of arguments between couples, according to new research.

A survey of 1,000 Brits by web hosting company 34SP.com found that one in four people had argued with their partner over checking their phone, with women more likely to start arguments with their partner over the matter.

A fifth of those surveyed (20%) said their partner had checked their phone during an important conversation and another 20% said they use their phone regularly during mealtimes.

The story is much the same when we go on holiday, with 18% saying they had used their phone every day while on a romantic getaway. 7% even used their phone every day on their honeymoon.

But relationships aren’t just being interrupted by mobile phones – 20% of those surveyed had either ended a relationship by mobile phone or would find it acceptable to do so.

70 respondents even said they would find it acceptable to propose to their partner using a mobile phone.

Daniel Foster, co-founder and technical director of 34SP.com, said: “Gone are the days of just using a mobile to text your partner when you're going to be late home from work, or calling from a weekend away with friends, it seems mobile devices are now one of the main causes of arguments between couples.

'Destroy marriages'

“It’s a shame to see arguing as a result of this is such a common occurrence these days – mobile phone addiction has even been known to destroy marriages completely.

“I’m sure our findings will hit home with lots of people and may hopefully make some reassess their use of mobile.

“While smartphones are a great way of connecting us with other people, it seems they might be doing more damage than good in our personal relationships.”

The research also found 33% of Brits think their smartphone makes them a less sociable person, while 40% said they have used their mobile phone to avoid conversing.

A third of respondents said they “couldn’t live without” their phone and a further 36% said they were “addicted” to checking their mobile, or know someone who is.

Cable.co.uk reported earlier this month on Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report, which found that smartphones had overtaken laptops for the first time as the most popular way to get online.

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