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Mobile tests in seven UK cities find EE most reliable network

Tuesday, April 7th 2015 by Dean Reilly

Mobile provider EE has taken an early lead as the strongest performing network in the country, according to the findings of an interim report.

The RootMetrics 1st Half 2015 UK Mobile Network Performance Review has already tested mobile coverage in seven cities or ‘markets’ across the country. It will go on to test mobile performance in a total of 16 different markets.

Findings from the completed markets have seen EE named best performer in Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The network tied with Three in Glasgow and Hull as the best performer, and was named joint best for mobile phone users in Nottingham alongside rival network Vodafone.

The results of testing in Leicester produced a three-way tie, with O2, EE and Three all sharing the best overall performance award.

Further tests are scheduled for Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds and Bradford, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield.

The company rates mobile internet, call, and text performance indoors and while driving through areas with populations of more than 500 across the United Kingdom.

Locations are selected based on findings from the European Commission body Eurostat, which determines the 16 most populous Larger Urban Zones (LUZs) across the country.

The Eurostat group also officially designates Built-Up Areas (BUAs) in England and Wales as well as designated Settlements in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

'Good news for consumers'

As part of the 2015 review, statistics reveal the company has so far driven 4,754 miles, visited 267 indoor locations, and conducted a total of 190,829 tests.

For the 2014 review, one million tests were conducted, 24,000 miles driven and 1,200 indoor locations were tested.

Previous results found that EE was the best performing network across the entirety of the UK, finishing top in all six categories of testing. It won five categories outright, tying with Three in reliability testing.

According to RootMetrics, Three started 2015 as EE’s closest competitor in UK-wide results, moving up from last place in the first half of 2014 testing to tie with O2 in the second half.

Writing in the 2nd Half 2014 review, the company concluded: "Network upgrades are starting to make differences in everyday performance. Indeed, across the board, we saw better mobile internet performance, faster speeds, and better network reliability in the second half of 2014.

"It’s good news for consumers and suggests that, as upgrades continue, 2015 could be even better."

Established in 2008, RootMetrics provides both crowdsourced and primary data analysis on mobile network performance. It currently operates in the UK, USA and Canada.

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