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Mobile users will consume as much data as 10bn Blu-ray movies by 2019

Wednesday, May 20th 2015 by Dean Reilly

Mobile data traffic generated by smartphones and tablets will reach the equivalent of more than 10bn Blu-ray movies over the next four years, according to a new report.

The Juniper Research 'Wi-fi calling operators' white paper forecasts that mobile data usage will reach around 197,000PB (Petabytes) by 2019.

This is because, according to Juniper, the average monthly data usage of smartphone and tablet users is expected to double over the next four years.

It's predicted that consumers will become increasingly likely to access HD video content on mobile devices and switch to 4G mobile networks.

Furthermore, the research company reports that video content is already responsible for a growing proportion of network traffic as mobile technology develops and is more widely adopted by consumers.

Video content currently accounts for approximately 60% of global internet traffic.

"Certainly, video is forming an ever-greater proportion of network traffic," said research author Nitin Bhas.

"For example, Juniper Research anticipates that video traffic over smartphones will increase by nearly eight times between 2014 and 2019."

Fastest mobile broadband

Cable.co.uk has previously reported on the rise in mobile data usage and move from 3G to 4G networks.

Last week, it was reported that 4G data had overtaken 3G traffic on the EE mobile network for the first time.

The 4GEE Mobile Living Index from EE, which measured 4G mobile usage on the network over the last 24 months, also found that the amount of data used in rural areas of the UK has increased dramatically.

Scottish customers collectively used an extra 60% of mobile data, Welsh EE customers worked through an extra 50% of data, while those in the south west of England saw data consumption rise by 49%.

Like Juniper, EE also predicted a spike in data usage, saying that by 2018 at least one exabyte of data would be carried on its network annually.

If the predictions are accurate, the United Kingdom will be in the best position to cope with the extra demands of mobile data, according to analysts Akamai.

The company reported that the UK has the world’s fastest mobile broadband, with an average connection speed of 16Mbps.

This placed the United Kingdom as the fastest of the 50 countries and regions worldwide that were sampled by Akamai.

Second place in the report, with an average speed approximately half that of the UK, was Denmark, with 8.8Mbps.

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