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Monster Family premieres on Sky Cinema on Friday 2 March

Friday, February 9th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Thanks to Sky Cinema you won’t have to brave the weather and expensive popcorn to watch Monster Family when it’s released in cinemas next month.

As the first fruit of Sky Cinema Original Films’ labour, the highly anticipated animated comedy will screen on Sky Cinema on the same day that it premieres in cinemas across the UK.

The name of the film gives it away really. Frankenstein? Check. Vampires? Check. Mummy, werewolf and evil witch? Check, check and check again.

The Monster Family tells the story of the Wishbournes, an American family with a more than healthy share of daily arguments. Their lives get flipped upside down and they’re forced to come together, when a witch turns them all into monsters following a fall out with mum, Emma (Emily Watson).

Dad (Nick Frost) is transformed into a flatulent Frankenstein, teenager Fay (Jessica Brown Findlay) decays into a mummy, the youngest member of the family, Max (Ethan Rouse) is bitten by a werewolf bug, while Emma is awakened as vampire.

They soon find out there is no ‘I’ in team when they must work together as they embark on a mission to find the troublesome witch, get her to reverse the curse and return them to their human forms.

Think Addams Family with an animated twist and modern flair.

Recently, Sky announced the launch of Sky Cinema Original Films. The media and broadcasting giant will be acquiring film rights and commissioning original movie productions to boost the content available exclusively to Sky Cinema customers. This also means Sky Cinema Original Films will be available on your TV at the same time they screen in the cinemas.

How to get Sky Cinema

If you’ve already got a Sky Entertainment package, you can add Sky Cinema for an extra £10 a month. This gives you access to a new premiere every day and more than 1,000 films on demand.

To just try it out without having to make a commitment, you can get Sky Cinema through NOW TV. This is Sky’s streaming service that allows you to choose which of Sky’s premium content you want to watch each month. A Sky Cinema Pass is £9.99 a month after you have tested it out during the free 14-day trial.

Virgin Media also give you access to Sky Cinema but you’ll need to go for one of its pricier packages, the Full House Movies bundle. It’s £65 a month over a 12-month contract with a £20 set-up fee. What do you get for your money?

The answer is a lot of broadband and a lot of TV. You get the VIVID 200 broadband plan with unlimited usage and download speeds up to 200Mbps. The TV part of the package gives you all the Sky Cinema channels, all the BT Sport channels on top of 230 channels. You’ll also be able to watch Netflix on the V6 box that is included in the bundle as well as pause, rewind and record TV.

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