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'My BT broadband crashes every time the phone rings'

Tuesday, November 17th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A BT customer has suffered a "constantly declining" broadband connection for months, despite being on the provider’s top fibre package.

Damian Stoupe upgraded to BT Infinity 2 in January but said he has never been able to get speeds anywhere near the advertised 70Mbps.

The Openreach engineer who fitted the equipment recorded speeds of 40Mbps when it was initially connected, but within weeks the service had slowed down.

The connection has continued to deteriorate and now every time the phone rings, the broadband crashes, said Mr Stoupe (pictured).

“I complained in March to say we were not getting what we were meant to be getting as we were down at about 17Mbps,” he told Cable.co.uk.

“BT call centre said they could not see a problem but sent out an engineer who, having checked everything, said the fault was outside of the house and that he would report the fault. Nothing happened.”

Mr Stoupe, from Wells, Somerset, said he wondered if a crackling sound on his phone line might have been affecting the issue. He made numerous calls to BT, but when another engineer was finally sent out the problems only intensified.

“An engineer did come out and once again checked all the equipment in the house and then went into the street and went away. It was after this that every time the phone rang the broadband crashed.”

A recent speed test clocked Mr Stoupe’s broadband at just 8Mbps – despite BT’s website promising speeds of between 31-40Mbps.

“It is a constantly declining quality that BT ignores because it is said to be in tolerance," he said.

“Needless to say I am fed up with the whole thing, it is just a complete waste of my time in trying to get something sorted.”

'Lost work time'

Mr Stoupe, a counsellor researching for his PhD, said he needs a fast connection to speak to clients via Skype, to conduct research interviews online and to collaborate with colleagues around the world.

“Simple tasks that should be done in seconds can take a long time. Updating my website can become an hour-long task for something that realistically should take 15 minutes," he added.

The 50-year-old said accessing documents in the cloud and logging into his online university account have become arduous tasks, while the poor O2 signal in the area has left him without a reliable back-up.

“Add to this the amount of work time I have lost trying to get the problem sorted with BT. Each time I have to wait for an engineer to come round is lost work time.”

Cable.co.uk has contacted BT for comment. The provider said it is investigating.

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