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Netflix remake New Legends of Monkey to premiere next week

Tuesday, April 17th 2018 by Steve McCaskill

Netflix’s latest original series ‘New Legends of Monkey’ will premiere next week, with all ten 30-minute episodes available to stream on the device of your choice.

The series is inspired by a 16th century Chinese fable ‘Journey to the West’ and sees a trio of fallen gods who naturally have magical superpowers and martial arts skills aid a young monk called Tripitaka.

Monkey is described as a good god who accidentally freed demons who wreaked havoc on the world before he was punished and frozen in stone for half a millennium before he was awoken by Tripitaka. Monkey, Tripitaka and two other gods – Pigsy and Sandy – embark on a quest to restore balance and peace to the world.

The series is a joint-venture between Australian channel ABC, New Zealand network TVNZ and Netflix, with production carried out by Oscar-winning See-Saw Films and Jump Film & TV.

Netflix started life as a DVD rental company before expanding to streamed content. It arrived in the UK in 2012 and has since developed a reputation for its high quality, addictive original content.


The first Netflix original was House of Cards, and sci-fi and fantasy has proved to be a fruitful source of material. Altered Carbon, Star Trek: Discovery and The Expanse have all proved hits with viewers, while in 2019 it will show Nightflyers, which is based on a novella written by Game of Thrones author George RR Martin.

To watch New Legends of Monkey, as well as loads of other films and box sets, you can subscribe to Netflix for as little as £5.99, although this restricts you to standard-definition programmes and a single device. For £7.99 you can get high definition streams and can watch on up to two devices at the same time, and with the £9.99 ‘premium’ package you get access to the 4K Ultra HD content and can watch on four devices simultaneously.

New customers can also get a month for free on any of the three packages.

Netflix is available on virtually any device you can think of. It works in a web browser, Windows 10, iPhone, iPad and Android application, on Xbox and PlayStation devices and on smart TVs and streaming sticks.

You can watch Netflix on your Virgin Media TV Tivo or V6 box, while Sky has also agreed a deal to carry the platform on Sky Q in the future, although there is no indication as to when this might be.

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