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New EE mobile plans will let families share their data allowance

Thursday, May 17th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

EE is to launch the UK’s first mobile plans that allow customers to share their data with anyone on the same account.

The tariffs will allow families to manage their children’s data usage using the My EE app, turning their data into digital pocket money.

Parents and carers will also be able to monitor and control how much time their children spend online and what they’re accessing.

Sky Mobile already allows families to share leftover data saved in a virtual Sky Piggybank but EE appears to be taking this concept further by allowing customers to share their allowance across multiple SIMs.

EE is also launching what it calls ‘Flex’ mobile plans, which seem to sit somewhere between pay as you go and pay monthly tariffs.

We don’t know much about the new plans, but Flex customers will be able to increase or decrease their allowance or take a month’s break. They will also be incentivised with the promise of free mobile data boosts for every three months of consecutive payments.

Customer service initiatives

As part of a wide-ranging announcement by BT Consumer, which included plans to introduce converged broadband services and the integration of Amazon Prime Video into BT TV, chief exec Marc Allera said EE would be launching new customer service initiatives.

A partnership with delivery firm Enjoy will see EE become the first UK network to offer superfast same-day delivery on smartphones, while customers will also benefit from the fact the Enjoy’s team of “experts” will set up your phone for you.

Augmented reality (AR) customer service tools will also allow customers to show an EE expert the location and setup of their router using their smartphone camera, helping them fix connectivity problems, and to use new AR set-up guides.

Plusnet, which like EE is a part of BT Consumer, is launching a self-service app for the first time. It will allow Plusnet Mobile customers to see their bill and get customer service help 24 hours a day.

There’s currently no word on when any of this will actually happen, but we’ll have more details on all of EE, Plusnet and BT’s new initiatives as they are launched.

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