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Newlyweds left without internet, TV or phone for three months

Tuesday, July 14th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

A newlywed couple have been left without broadband, TV or a phoneline for nearly three months after Virgin Media failed to fix a damaged cable.

Ivano Magiulli and wife Chloe, who married at the end of May, were cut off a month before their wedding, leaving them stuck without a phone or broadband as they finalised the details of their big day.

Despite around 30 calls to Virgin and several engineer visits the problem – which was apparently due to a damaged cable – has still not been fixed.

The lack of broadband or phoneline has made it impossible for Mr Maggiulli, who runs his own company, to work from home and has cost him in loss of business.

The 32-year-old, from south-east London, is calling for Virgin to finally fix the problem and to refund him the money he has been paying for a service that doesn’t work and spent trying to get online.

“The problem started on 24 April,” Mr Magiulli told Cable.co.uk. “Since then, I’ve made about 25-30 calls to them, if not more. I always have to call the as they’ll never contact me.”

He was told that there was some damage to the cable serving his house, and construction work needed to be carried out.

But despite teams being called out twice, neither did the work, he said. Work in the street has since been completed, but the couple are still waiting for an engineer to connect them.


“The loss of service happened one month before my wedding. It meant planning the last few bits were a nightmare due to having no broadband. I spent my evenings sitting in my local Costa coffee using their wi-fi.

“It caused a lot of emotional stress when I suddenly realised something needed sorting or contacting for the wedding and couldn’t do it.

“It added hours onto our planning and cost me money for using services in coffee shops.

Mr Magiulli runs his own PR company, but has been unable to work from home for 11 weeks, leading to loss of business and earnings, he said.

“I have had to take time off work to expect an engineer to come around and they never did. That’s a loss of business for me.”

His wife Chloe, who works as a freelance designer, said it had affected her work as well as causing both her and her husband a great deal of stress.

“Having to work from studios, cafes etc is a real hindrance - it's bad but you realise how much you rely on the internet for work purposes," she said.

“It made things so unnecessarily awkward in the weeks before our wedding which added to an already stressful time.

The couple also haven't been able to use things like their paid-for music streaming service Spotify unless they use extra data on their mobile contracts, she added.


The "not-knowing" and being bounced from one person to the next has been incredibly frustrating, she said.

“A huge factor is the stress it's caused us both, It's really beginning to have an impact on Ivano.

"I hope this makes them listen or at least to learn to handle situations like this better in future so people don't have to go through what we've experienced."

The couple want a complete refund on the period of time they have had no service, as well as compensation for the emotional and work-related stress they have suffered.

They also want to be reimbursed for the mobile phone calls and extra mobile data they had to buy as a result of having no broadband or landline.

“The time it’s taken to sort this out is beyond what you can call a satisfactory amount of time,” Mr Magiulli added.

“A huge corporation like Virgin should be able to mobilise teams to deal with ‘priority’ issues. This certainly hasn’t happened with us.”

Virgin Media spokesperson Joe Thomas said: “We apologise to Mr Magguilli for the over running of the maintenance works to their connection. He will be refunded for loss of services during this time.”

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