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NOW TV hikes the price of Sky Sports day pass and week pass

Wednesday, February 7th 2018 by Mike Whitehead

In a market that has witnessed the stratospheric rise of Netflix and also has Amazon Prime, amongst others, to contend with, NOW TV remains a smart, cost-effective, way to get the best of subscription TV without locking yourself into a pricey cable or satellite contract.

One of the key features of NOW TV’s offering - its sports packages – have just seen an increase in price. A ‘Sky Sports Day Pass’, perfect if you’re looking to tune in for a big Premier league clash or rugby international, is now £7.99, a £1 increase from £6.99 previously. A ‘Sky Sports Week Pass’, perhaps for those wanting to see all four rounds of a major golf tournament, is now £12.99, a £2 increase from £10.99.

The good news for all you fanatics out there who want to watch all the things, all the time, there is no increase in the ‘Sky Sports Month Pass’ which remains at £33.99 a month. Do remember to cancel this pass if you don’t wish to keep going every month – so, during the summer months for example – as it continues to roll over month after month unless you do so.

These price increases do have some justification. In July 2017 Sky completely revamped its sports package. There are now dedicated sports channels for the Premier League, football, cricket, golf and Formula 1. Two channels - Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Arena - offer rugby union, rugby league, boxing, netball, darts, NFL and tennis.

The Sky Sports Main Event channel hosts the biggest games, events and tournaments. Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Mix bring the number of channels offering sports-themed entertainment to 10 in total.

For the full, standard, Sky Sports channel package, through your Sky subscription, you would pay £20 a month for a minimum 18-month contract. The price increases for NOW TV’s Sky Sports Passes are relatively fair taking into account the flexibility and freedom they offer for those who want to watch specific events on Sky Sports without the burden of a fixed-term contract.

How do I get NOW TV?

To get started you need to go to NOWTV.COM, create an account and choose either a 14-day free trial or purchase a TV pass. The passes for entertainment (£7.99), cinema (£9.99) and kids (£2.99) are all priced per month and will continue to be collected monthly until you cancel them. Alternatively, you can get them all for £20.97 a month and cancel individual passes if you wish.

The Sky Sports passes, as outlined above, are available for a day, a week or a month.

You can watch NOW TV on loads of different devices from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or your PS4/Xbox. You can download the app on your smart TV or you can buy a NOW TV set-top box (£14.99) if you wish. You can watch on up to two devices at the same time.

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