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O2 offers up to 50% discounts on airtime plans when you add a new connection

Monday, February 12th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Knock knock, who’s there? O2, O2 who? O2 Family Plan with up to 50% discounts on your airtime plan when you add a family member to your account.

Okay we admit it, that was cheesy but bear with us. If you’re already an O2 customer or if you liked the look of some of the deals we told you about last week and plan to sign up to a phone or tablet deal, O2 is offering you a saving if your partner signs up too.

Last year Ofcom found that 94% of Brits either own or regularly use a mobile phone, and that figure is expected to rise for 2018. With this in mind, you and several of your family members probably own a phone so it makes sense to take advantage of discounts wherever you can.

With an O2 Family Plan, you can add up to 20 connections with a refresh contract. The savings only apply to the airtime plan aspect of your agreement so your device plan will remain the same. There’s no discounts on out-of-bundles charges either, so if you go over your tariff or send a picture message, you will still pay full price.

The discounts do not apply to the lead device in the Family Plan, but you’ll get 20% off for the first person you add, then 30% for the second, 40% for the third and 50% for any accounts you add after this.

What can you get from O2

If you’re looking for an iPhone deal from O2, you can get your hands on the iPhone 6 for £29 a month over a two-year contract. If you sign up before Wednesday 21 March you’ll get 4GB of data with unlimited calls and texts. After this period the data allowance goes down to 1GB.

Android Army we’ve got your back. O2 has a range of deals on Samsung, OnePlus and Sony phones. The Samsung Galaxy A3 is £30 a month for 4GB of data with unlimited calls and texts.

For those of you who already have a phone but want to add a tablet to your Family Plan, there’s the Alcatel Plus 10. When you pay £22 a month and £4.99 upfront, you’ll get 10GB of data with 100 texts to use with the Android tablet.

It’s not just O2 that rewards you for signing up your family or friends to its services. BT Mobile offers Family Plans on its SIM-only deals. Alongside discounts, you’ll also get a reward card loaded up with £80 if you choose the 18GB tariff.

One SIM will cost you £20 a month and in return you get 18GB of data to use each month with unlimited minutes and texts over a 12-month contract. Two of these SIMs will cost £35 a month and it’s £48 for three.

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