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Ofcom plans to make switching broadband easier

Monday, September 13th 2010 by Cable.co.uk

A customer's new communications provider will take the lead on switching their services, under plans from Ofcom.

Ofcom is planning to make switching broadband and home phone providers an easier experience for consumers.

The telecoms industry regulator has carried out research which found that 45 per cent of people with a broadband or landline connection believe it is too much hassle for them to change to a different communications provider.

Consequently, the body is looking at ways to make the switching process easier and quicker, revealing that it will initially be focusing on broadband and home phones.

It proposed a system in which a customer's new communications provider takes the lead in switching their services, claiming this method is "most likely to deliver the best outcome for consumers".

"This is also more likely to deliver lower prices, more choice and innovation for consumers," Ofcom argued.

Switching broadband is now often a more complex process, given that half of consumers have bundled packages of more than one communications service, it added.

In 2005, only 29 per cent of people took advantage of this sort of deal.

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