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People spend more time consuming media than sleeping – and the internet is to blame

Monday, June 1st 2015 by Dean Reilly

People spend longer each day consuming different types of media than they do sleeping, according to a new report.

The findings, published by media agency ZenithOptimedia, says that people spend an average of eight hours a day consuming different media.

This is more than the average seven hours of sleep that, according to the National Sleep Council, 70% of people in the UK have each night.

The Media Consumption Forecast looked at the total amount of time people spent reading newspapers and magazines, watching TV, listening to the radio, viewing outdoor advertising and going to the cinema.

Yet it’s the use of the internet that makes the biggest contribution to a yearly 1.4% overall rise in time devoted to content, with people now spending around 492 minutes per day consuming media, compared to 485 minutes in 2014.

2010 figures saw people devote 461.8 minutes a day to such content, meaning that on average we’re spending 1.2% more time on media products annually.

Internet usage over the same period, however, has almost doubled. People spent around 59.6 minutes online in 2010 compared to 109.5 minutes today, according to the report.

ZenithOptimedia says that daily internet use will increase by 11.8% this year alone.

Hungry for more

Jonathan Barnard, ZenithOptimedia’s head of forecasting said: “The average person already spends half their waking life consuming media.

“But people around the world are clearly hungry for even more opportunities to discover information, enjoy entertainment and communicate with each other, and new technology is supplying these opportunities.

“Technology also enables brands to communicate with and learn from consumers in new ways. We expect media consumption to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.”

The rise in media consumption is credited to the expansion of mobile technology giving consumers more opportunities to access content.

If trends continue, the agency says that we’ll spend around 506 minutes a day engaging with media products, with 144.8 of those minutes devoted to online content.

This will mean that the internet will have jumped from providing just 12.9% of the media we consume in 2010 to 28.6% by 2017.

Although time spent viewing TV has fallen over the last five years, it remains the most popular way of accessing media globally, with consumers spending around 183.9 minutes per day watching television.

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