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Phone-obsessed Brits would choose their mobile over their partner

Tuesday, February 9th 2016 by Ellen Branagh

More than half of Britons would rather not see their partner for a day than go without their phone, according to a poll.

The poll from Nationwide FlexPlus revealed that 55% of Brits couldn’t go longer than a day without checking their phone – double the amount that couldn’t go without speaking to their partner (28%).

And a third would rather forgo a weekend with their partner than their mobile, it found.

The research which aimed to highlight the value of mobile phone insurance, was carried out by One Poll, who surveyed 2,000 UK adults who are in a relationship and who own a smartphone. The survey was carried out from 15 to 19 January.

According to the research, more than half of Brits (53%) check their device before talking to their partner when they wake up.

When asked to choose between the two, four in 10 (42%) would rather forget their anniversary than lose their phone.

Nearly half of Britons (47%) admit that phone use has become a habit for them, with the poll revealing that the average person spends 20 hours a day with their phone – using it in bed (59%), on the toilet (43%), in the bath (17%) and even in the shower (5%).

The research found that while people spend an average of 3.5 hours a day chatting to their partners, just a quarter (24%) are completely devoted to the conversation, with the rest admitting to doing other things at the same time like browsing the internet (58%), texting (41%) or checking social media (34%).

'Ingrained' in our culture

Our obsession with our phones means two thirds of people (66%) confess they would feel lost, unhappy, stressed or anxious if they lost their handset.

Yet according to the poll, three quarters of Brits (75%) don’t have mobile insurance.

Dan King, Nationwide’s head of FlexPlus Current Account, said: “It would seem many people prioritise using their mobile phone over spending time with their partner and would struggle to cope without their phone for more than a day.

“This shows just how ingrained phones have become in our culture, as we often retain our memories, information and contacts on just one device.

“But despite this reliance, most people have no mobile phone insurance in place, meaning they would have to stump up the cost of replacing their phone themselves.

“With the latest models costing in excess of over £500, this could be a big hit to their finances.”

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